Gebze- Halkalı commuter line to be completed in 2018

Gebze- Halkalı commuter line will be completed in 2018: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said in KOTO. HalkalıHe added, "We will have completed the completed suburban lines at 2018."

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan came to Kocaeli to participate in a series of programs before the referendum. The first stop of the Minister Arslan was the Özka Tire and Rubber Factory in the Vizier Farm Başiskele. After eating lunch with the workers here, Arslan came to Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and met with Kocaeli shipping and transporters. KOTO Burhan Kasım Assembly Meeting Hall, the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan, KOTO Chairman Necmi Bulut, KOTO Parliament Speaker Akin Dogan, KSO President Ayhan Zeytinoglu, AKP Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Semsettin Ceyhan, President of IMO Tolga Ok, President of the Chamber of Buses and Minibuses, Mustafa Kurt and many guests attended.

The opening speech was made by KOTO President Necmi Bulut. . The world economy is dominated by cities with higher competitiveness rather than countries. The problems experienced by our members Cengiz Topel Havaalı'nin should be gained. The operation of Gebze Adapazarı Substation will be accelerated and the traffic and operation will be accelerated. There are 350 thousand vehicles registered in traffic. Air pollution is also experienced due to this increase, therefore it is important to make the ring roads. "

We have obstacles
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, oğlu Kocaeli is a production and transportation city, port city. A logistics city at the same time. We have very important problems. We have our works as Metropolitan. We have plans regarding ports, connections, but we also have obstacles to implement. In Kocaeli, we have a lot of problems in building land, trucks, truck garages and parking lots, but we have to. We have no alternative. We encourage our investor to invest. Y

Afterwards, the name of the Minister of Transportation and Communications was Ahmet Arslan. Arslan addressed the participants to the meeting with the following terms: alar As the Ministry, we are making very good cooperation with the Metropolitan in the works we have done so far. When it comes to transport and logistics, it is important for a country to say how important it is, and for a country, the transportation is important. It should be emphasized that transportation and logistics are also very important. The world is now in a globalized economy where the boundaries have disappeared, transport and logistics, which also have international relations. We are aware of this.

In the last 14 year, we only provide 320 billion Turkish Liras. 80 has made 14 km tunnel over the years. This year we will complete the tunnel 350 km. We want to ensure that a vehicle entering the west of the country through divided roads based in Kocaeli can leave the east. As we serve and this prayer of our people, we will continue our unity and solidarity thereafter. If the industrialist of this country is expanding his business, if he is giving more work, we will be more stakeholder to their cake if we need to shoulder to shoulder.

We continue our work in a way that can reach all our neighbors with divided motorways based in Kocaeli. In particular, there is a congestion in Kocaeli and Istanbul. In this, we laid the foundations of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. We also made important works in the field of railways. We are currently working on the airport of 6, and the largest of these will be in Istanbul. This airport is an important work for us to reach all parts of the world. We are doing this work for all our citizens.

We'll Spend 400 MILLION
We have a very good cooperation with our Metropolitan Mayor in Kocaeli. We're making new intersections. Again from Gebze in Istanbul HalkalıWe will complete the completed suburban lines at 2018. But we aim to transport this to Ankara. We have a very nice cooperation to reach east and south of Kocaeli and some of it will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality. For all these links, we spend a million TL and we will further develop our trade. TL

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