Association of Railway Engineers 3. The Ordinary General Assembly was held

Association of Railway Engineers 3. The Ordinary General Assembly was held: The Association of Railway Engineers 3. Ordinary General Assembly was held in Ankara on 22 April 2017

Ankara Tower Restaurant Behiç Erkin Hall, Ankara, Istanbul, Kocaeli and Eskişehir members attended the general meeting.

Speaking at the General Assembly meeting, Demühder Chairman Şükrü Tayfun KAYA, Secretary General Yunus UĞURLU, Financial Secretary Mustafa KAYA and Organization Secretary Mehmet UYGUR gave information about the activities carried out recently. 2014-2016 annual report, financial statements and estimated budget presentations for the upcoming period were made. In the meeting, the annual report, financial statement, estimated budget, board of directors and audit board were released.

In the general assembly, some amendments to the bylaws were discussed and accepted. With the amendments to the bylaws;
1-Architecture faculty graduates have been opened to be members of the Association.
. Honorary Membership Mühendislik opportunity was introduced for those who wish to become members of the association except for the engineering departments or the faculties of architecture.
3-10 TL which is a monthly association entry and membership fee has been increased to 15 TL.

President KAYA gave information about the activities carried out since the foundation of the association. KAYA, at the end of his speech and the 2 period as the Chairman served as the blood change in DEMÜHDER will be useful by specifying that the candidate will not be announced management.
New management and auditing committees were elected at the General Assembly. Accordingly, the board of directors membership of Mehmet UYGUR, Cevat AYDIN, Mustafa KAYA, Çetin TEKİN, Cumali KAYDU, Bilge Bilal YİĞİT, Tuğba ŞENAY, Cem CEYLAN and Özlem ALTUNOYMAK were elected, while the main members of the audit committee were Kamil GÜLTEPE, Ersin TAŞÇI and Çağdaş GÖRGÜLÜ.

Mehmet UYGUR, who spoke on behalf of the new board of directors at the meeting, stated that they would do their best to carry DEMÜHDER forward, and thanked the current board and founding members for their services.

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