Blood News in Ankara Metro Saves Lives

Blood announcements in Ankara Metro are saving lives: With the announcements made at Kızılay Metro Station, the blood needs of emergency patients are instantly met.

Hundreds of thousands of people used in the Kizilay Metro joint station in the emergency call to the emergency call on the entire 30 thousand people responded by giving blood, responding to the entire population

Thanks to the blood announcements at Kızılay Metro Station, one of the centers where the capital transportation has been most intense, the blood needs of more than 30 thousand patients have been met.

Calls made for patients in need of urgent blood at the "Metro Information Center" at the Kızılay Metro Station, which is the common station of ANKARAY and metro systems, are instantly responded by sensitive citizens.

EGO officials noted that for each of the blood calls made from the Information Center, at least 7-8 people came and helped by giving blood to the patient in need.


Noting that since 1997, when rail systems were put into service, blood announcements were made at the Metro Information Center, EGO officials said that, thanks to the announcements made from the Center where an average of 10 people applied for different types of blood needs per day, more than 30 thousand patients had blood.

Railroad systems are a common station because hundreds of thousands of passengers are using the metro station for transportation officials said, said:

“Kızılay Metro Station is both centrally located and within the bill payment centers, natural gas and water sales points, ATMs of various banks, stores with different products, theater ticket booths, Blue Table and Art Gallery. It is an area used by tens of thousands of Başkent residents every day. For this reason, Kızılay Metro Station is one of the most important addresses of reaching sensitive and helpful citizens in order to meet the blood needs of patients.


The authorities pointed out that there are some rules for the announcement of blood announcements from the station.

“As with many issues, blood request applications, which are a vital issue, can be abused by malicious people. Therefore, before making a blood announcement, a blood request form containing information about the patient from the hospital where the patient is hospitalized or a photocopy of the identity card of the patient's relative must be given. Those who apply and are called are also recorded in the Center. "

The most urgent patients with emergency surgery and leukemia and heart patients who applied for the application, the authorities referred to the most A Rh (+) blood group searched, the second 0 rh (+), third in the need for rh (-) group, leukemia patients also said they were doing platelet announcements.

Reminding that all of the rail systems in the capital were simultaneously broadcasting blood, the authorities added that they were happy to mediate the survival of the emergency patients waiting in hospitals thanks to their helpful and sensitive citizens.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:54

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