Metro Coming to Beykoz

Beykoz Metro is Coming: Beykoz'de meeting with the citizens of Mayor Topbas, bir We can not imagine that we are implementing. Was the subway imaginable to Beykoz? We will bring metro to Beykoz konu.

Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who has been continuing his district programs for almost two months, has moved to Bekoz after Tuzla. Beykoz Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek also attended the program in Cukurçayır showed great interest in the Beykozlular.

Addressing the citizens in Çukurçayır Square, Mayor Kadir Topbaş reminded that when they took office in 2004, they received natural gas demand from Beykoz residents and that they brought Beykoz to natural gas within 4 months, although there was no election promise. The total investments we made in Beykoz are 98 billion 1 million. We have money in our safe. You have money. We do not owe even 700 lira to the state and financial institutions. I would like to thank those who are with us, those who stand by us. You have entrusted this city to you and you have trusted us. You always said yes to us ”he said.

Indicating that they did not leave any promises when they promised Mayor Topbas, "Because we have come to an understanding of this nation to be a servant comes from an understanding," he said. Topbaş continued, ey We will not give a promise that we can not fulfill. If we have promised, we will surely fulfill that promise. Ties for the owner. We try to bring this country to the place it deserves day and night. We have to do this for future generations. Gelecek

'Everywhere Metro, Everywhere Metro' with the slogan that they bring all the subway service in Istanbul expressing Mayor Topbas, her We can not imagine that we are realizing. Was the subway imaginable to Beykoz? We'll bring a subway to Beykoz. I remember when I was a kid, when we came to Beykoz, we took it to bed. When you come here, you'il stay for one day and turn around. There was no transportation at that time. But now we're talking about the subways. I'm talking about a future where you can go to Taksim, Kartal, and the airport. Buradan

-Barem - Beykoz Between Tunnel-
Mayor Topbaş also gave information about the tunnel between Harem and Beykoz. Indicating that the tunnel in the project phase will be 14 km. A person who enters the Harem will go to the Küçüksu Meadow by going to 14 kilometers Har.

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