Turkey Avli Enhances Autonomous Vehicle

Avli Turkey Autonomous Vehicles Enhances Automotive Technologies, the world's largest engineering company, AVL's organizations operating in Turkey since the 2008 AVL Turkey, 2016 as second R & D first domestic driverless and hybrids began to develop electric vehicle technology in the center. In this context, the AVL Turkey General Manager Dr. 5 April 2017 held a press conference in Istanbul Swissotel on Wednesday with the participation of Umut Genç.

all kinds of power transmission with experience over years 65 in the field of automotive technology, AVL providing services in the development of measurement and testing systems and improving today, the two R & D Center and 130-person engineering team with Turkey's forward towards becoming a global engineering base in the field of automotive technology Turkey progressing. In this context, the AVL Turkey General Manager Dr. Hope Young with the participation of Turkey AVL related investments and R & D activities in the automotive sector in April 5 2017, held a press conference at the Swissotel in Istanbul on Wednesday.

AVL Turkey, on the one hand from all over the world in more than 30 located AVL providing regular technology and engineering center in Austria to mark the distinction of being one of the main centers of the two centers; On the other hand, it continues to offer AVL's global knowledge and expertise to the service of the national industry and the private sector. AVL Turkey in this context, decided to increase work on indigenous design, mechanical and electrical systems in Turkey, after a very short time the opening of the first R & D center spent its second R & D center in June 2016. In the 1000 mxnumx'lik an area, established with an investment of $ 2 million second R & D center will be the first in the automotive field Sultanbeyli Kartal in Turkey with a team of engineers 2 people are preparing to undertake the project. AVL Turkey, today engineering services in Turkey, testing systems and engineering software packages offer a combination makes a difference in the industry as the only solution partner.

AVL Turkey, despite 3 last year, the company experienced economic and political fluctuations in turnover compared to the year 2016 2015 14 million euros were able to reach some of expanding 5.2 percent. This chart thanks to strong growth AVL Turkey, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), "Turkey is the fastest growing company 100" award in the field of automotive engineering was the only company. AVL is the end goal of Turkey's 2017, 20 percent with a growth rate of about removing the 6 million euros on turnover.

AVL Turkey General Manager of Hope Youth meeting said, "AVL Turkey as 2008 In the 6 from 2010 our journey we started with engineers in total turnover of our 39 floor, including 8 percent every year since, we've managed to increase the number of our employees 7 floor.

engineering services in the automotive engineering field in Turkey, as the only partner providing turnkey test systems and engineering software packages in Turkey both in the position preferred by the engineering firm of the world's leading automotive companies in the international automotive market.

engine for the improvement of the current account deficit in Turkey's automotive industry, in the intermediate transmission and control software products, such as the increase of local content is very important. In this way, we know that both imports will decrease and exports of value-added products will increase. We in this direction as AVL Turkey Turkey's domestic engine, the transmission, the design of critical subsystems such as automotive electronic control unit we were pioneering engineering firm. In our second R & D center, we are planning to conduct field tests in Istanbul by completing the first local prototype vehicles in 2018 with hybrid electric and 2020 with autonomous driving characteristics (without driver). Ar

AVL 2018 launches its first domestic advanced hybrid electric, the first native autonomous vehicle prototype in 2020

The first domestic advanced electric hybrid system developed by AVL to Turkey is expected to be completed in the year 2018 field tests. The prototype vehicle with autonomous driving characteristics is planned to be completed in three years and the tests will be carried out in 2020. The designed hybrid electric system is expected to provide significant economic benefits, particularly by reducing fuel consumption by a percentage of 5-15. In addition, carbon and other toxic emissions are expected to be significantly reduced, contributing to clean transport and human health.

Through this autonomous vehicles developed by AVL Turkey to driving safety and driving comfort will be moved to the optimum level. In addition, features such as lane warning and tracking, platooning, emergency braking, automatic parking will be the most important features of the vehicle. Thanks to this technology, drivers will be able to relax while driving, accident rates will be reduced, and both time and cost savings will be ensured.

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