Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project tender gets faster

When will Samsun Ankara High Speed ​​Line commence service?
When will Samsun Ankara High Speed ​​Line commence service?

The tender for the Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project has accelerated: Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin stated that the tender for the Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project was divided into 3 and said, “The first 2 tenders of the project have been completed. Next is the 170-kilometer section between Merzifon and Samsun. The tender process of this department has been accelerated ”.

Samsun Provincial Coordination Board 2017 year 2. The term meeting was held in the meeting hall of the General Directorate of SASKI Metropolitan Municipality under the chairmanship of Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin.

Speaking at the meeting, Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin gave information about the Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project and said that the project work continues at full speed. Stating that the Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train project was divided into three in order to accelerate the project and the tender process, Governor Şahin stated that the project tender of the two sections has been completed and said, “The project tender for the 3 kilometer section between Merzifon and Samsun, which is the last leg, has been completed. Tender will be held after the projects are completed. Hopefully, our citizens who take high-speed train from Samsun will have the chance to reach Ankara and other provinces with connections. Our goal is that we will reach Ankara and other connected provinces from Samsun in 170 by high-speed train. We all know that Samsun is in a very lucky place in terms of transportation. Because Samsun, iron, land, air and sea routes, including the Black Sea Region incorporates four transport axis in one province, also it is one of four provinces in Turkey. We need to make good use of these transportation routes, ”he said.

In his speech, Governor Şahin stated that as of March 2017, according to reports from investor institutions and organizations and municipalities, 11 projects were carried out throughout the province, “642 of these are carried out by investor institutions and organizations and 369 by our municipalities. The total cost of these projects is 5 billion 443 million TL ”. Governor Şahin stated that 50 percent of the Logistics Village project, which is under construction in Samsun's Tekkeköy district, has been exceeded.

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