Beşikdüzü Main carrier ropes of the cable car came to the district

Beşikdüzü The main carrier ropes of the cable car arrived to the district: The main carrier ropes of the Beşikdüzü Ropeway Project, which is projected to be constructed by Beşikdüzü Municipality as a result of great efforts, is projected to be 2 station, 4 foot and 3 bin 100 meter length.

Each weighs 40 tons, 3400'er meter long, 5 cm. 4 main carrier rope of the ropeway system; Ro-Ro from the port of Trieste in Italy was taken to Istanbul Pendik port and transported to Besikduzu by road.

Late at night they were taken to the construction site by crane from Besikduzu. The Besikduzu Ropeway Project, whose works are in progress, is expected to be launched on 29 October 2017.

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