Spraying Warning from TCDD on the Railway Line

The rail line from the Railway Medication Alert: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 2. Regional Directorate of Railway Maintenance In a written statement made by the Service Department, Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya, Nigde, Kayseri, Zonguldak, Karabük, Kırıkkale, Çankırı, Istanbul and in Sakarya limits It was stated that as of April 17, spraying will be carried out on the railway line within the scope of weed control.

In the statement emphasized that the drugs to be used affect human and animal health, chemical spraying will be done against the railway line by self-growing grass trains under the supervision of special train and expert personnel. In order not to be harmful to the human and animal health in the surrounding area, the suspension should not be grazed for one week in the vicinity of 10 meters and it should not be harvested.

The areas to be sprayed, the dates and hours of application are as follows:

“17.04.2017 Marşandiz Train Station spraying-Ankara, 18.04.2017 Marşandiz Train Station Spraying application-Ankara, 19.04.2017 Marşandiz-Yenikent-Marşandiz spraying-Ankara, 20.04.2017 Marşandiz-Eskişehir (Hasanbey) -Hasanbey-Marşandiz (Store Directorate) training path) spraying, 21.04.2017 Marşandiz-Material Directorate, filling the waters in the training path and loading medication, 22.04.2017 (21.00) - 23.04.2017 (06.00) Marşandiz-Konya YHT Road spraying, 04.05.2017 Konya-Ankara Marşandiz Directory Delivery without spraying, 06.05.2017 (21.00 hrs) - 07.05.2017 (06.00 hrs) Marşandiz-Konya YHT line spraying, 07.05.2017 (hrs 21.00) - 08.05.2017 (hrs 06.00) Konya-Marşandiz YHT line returns without disinfection , 08.05.2017 (at 21.00) -09.05.2017 (at 06.00) Marşandiz-Eskişehir YHT line spraying, 13.05.2017 (at 21.00) -14.05.2017 (06.00) Eskişehir-Ankara-Marşandiz YHT line spraying, 14.05.2017 (at 21.00) 15.05.2017 (06.00) Marşandiz-Ankara-Marşandiz YHT line spraying. ”

According to the wind and rain conditions, there may be used on sag on that date, therefore, medications should start to 17 has been approached to 2017 meters close to the railway line until 16 June 2017 since April 10 life and property was underlined it would be dangerous for the safety.

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