Denizli loved the library bus very much

Denizli library bus very much loved: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality organized the first this year, the largest book fair in the library designed specifically for the citizens of the bus shows a great interest. It is worth noting that the passengers who ride on the bus, which is covered in the form of a library, are reading books. Last 3 the weekend of the fair will host Turkey's most famous writers of the day is expected to sign a new record.

The biggest book fair of the Aegean Metropolitan Municipality, organized this year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to flood the citizens after opening its doors last Friday. Free bus service is provided to the Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Culture Center, which is organized by the citizens, and the library bus designed specifically for the book fair attracts the attention of the book lovers. Covered in the form of a library, the doors of the bus are designed as a library door, while the appearance of the car body resembles the bookshelves. The passengers who ride the bus are seen as reading books, but the library attracts the attention of the citizens with the difference of buses.

The number of people arriving at the fair has passed 160

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Book Fair has been visited by visitors every day since its opening. Every day, dozens of writers met with their readers, not only Denizli, but also the districts and surrounding cities. 7 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Book Fair can be visited until April in front of the Pamukkale University (PAU) Credit Dormitories Institution (KYK) every half an hour, Istiklal Street from the front of the old library in front of the free bus leaves every hour.

Turkey's most famous writers coming

Every day dozens of different author signings and interviews at the fair organized by Turkey's most famous writers will meet with the people of Denizli on. 7 On Friday April 13.00, Ahmet Şafak is waiting for the fans at the fair. 8 Şükrü Erbaş at 12.00 on April Saturday, İlber Ortaylı and Öznur Yıldırım at 13.00 It'il be Canan Tan. The last day of the fair will be held on April at 14.00, at Sinan Yağmur at 9, Hasan Ali Toptaş at 13.00, Canan Tan at Abdurrahman Dilipak, and Azra Kohen at 14.00.

Mayor Zolan invited to the fair

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, with the great interest of the citizens and the participation of a first time to experience the happiness of the said, he said. Mayor Zolan noted that this interest gave them great pleasure. Our fair will also host the final day 7 Turkey's most beloved and widely read author. I invite all my fellow citizens to meet with our fair, book and authors. Ben

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