Supervision Tender for Yenice Logistics Village Project

Supervision Tender was completed in Yenice Logistics Village Project: TCDD was audited and consulted for the Logistic Village to be established in Yenice neighborhood of Tarsus.

According to the procurement notice published in the Electronic Public Procurement Platform (EKAP), Yenice Logistics Center 2. Stage Supervision and Consultancy Service Procurement (Field concrete production, facility road connection, construction of various buildings, infrastructure works, railway connection works) will be recorded.

28 February 2017 The result of the tender held in the Meeting Hall of the Purchasing and Stock Control Department of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) on Tuesday will be announced in the coming days.

Bidding kazanThe firm will start work after the contract is made and the site is delivered, and will complete the work to be done in the specification in 540 calendar days.


First of the 1999-2002 years to be done in Adana, but later planned to be built in the neighborhood of Tarsus Yenice lojsitik village 640 decay work on the establishment of the center continues to work in the city center traffic will be relieved, transportation will accelerate, Tarsus will gain new employment.

Arıklı - continued set-up work between our logistics Yenice village, stands with Turkey and the Middle East's largest logistics center that direction. All the downloading-loading, machinery, equipment, maintenance and repairs of Adana and Mersin will be carried out in this center.

Tarsus and Turkey's promotion to tender issued during the assembly process with the Logistics Village, which will contribute greatly accelerates .. After the establishment of the Logistics Village will be the largest transfer point of the scissors of Yenice.

Logistics in the village of Yenice container, vehicle, machinery spare parts, agricultural equipment, iron, steel, pipe, food, cotton, ceramic, chemical materials, cement, military freight and the transport of the packaging of the logistics village with the completion of the cargo transport rate in the region The floor will increase.

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