High speed train from Edirne to Istanbul will be less than 1 hours

Edirne-Istanbul will be less than 1 hour by high-speed train: Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir explained that the city could appeal to both Europe and Istanbul in terms of its location at the "Economy Summit" held in the Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) conference hall. Governor Özdemir stated that the journeys between Edirne and Istanbul will be reduced to less than 3 hour after the high-speed train starts 1 years later, and that Edirne is a historical center where civilizations spread to the world, stated that it was a city he created.

Governor Özdemir, the high-speed train will be tendered this year. When it is put into service in 2020, transportation to Istanbul will be reduced to 45 minutes or 1 hour. When the Çanakkale Bridge is built, the transportation from Çanakkale to Istanbul will pass through the Keşan-Tekirdağ region and we will have such a connection with Istanbul and Izmir. Looking at the Silk Road routes and economic routes in history, Edirne will be a much more integrated city with the world after the construction of the third bridge, both by high-speed train and other means of transportation.

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