Turkey logistics in bridge position

A bridge in Turkey logistics: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, launched by China "a Belt Way" project in accordance with the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member stating that they want to create a transport corridor in the region of the country, "Of course, the most important link in the corridor between Asia and Europe, we want to be Turkey. We also talks with China to make the railways in Turkey continues. "he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and 13 in Pakistan's capital Islamabad. Arslan participated in the Leaders Summit, said in a statement, the infrastructure of the country's economy is necessary to bring the infrastructure "sine" is that he said.

While projects in the ministry in Turkey only Arslan, explaining that they think the local scale, "In this region, especially the completion of the connection and trade facilitation on behalf of the transport corridors with each other 10 countries which are in the ECO, which is also important to become the complement of the central corridor between both Asia and Europe . We are doing this. Biz

Minister Arslan stated that the economic issues were handled in the summits for the cooperation. In this regard, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia coming from Turkey via Iran to Turkey through the hallway to go to Europe and will go to major European corridors. We are considering all these projects together. Already at the Ministerial level, we come together from time to time to plan these corridors together, so as to take the lead. This summit is in the upper umbrella all countries in a way that the evaluation and final decision made. '' He said.

Turkey logistics in bridge position

In freight transport stressed that Turkey is a bridge Arslan, said:

Unda Our country is the bridge in the shortest way. There are corridors from the north of Russia on the Black Sea, there are corridors leading from the south of Iran, but because they take a lot of time, it means both time and cost. Whereas the corridor leading out of Turkey, may render uneconomic transportation shortness economic genius, it has the advantage. As the President of the Republic also emphasized the summit, we are planning and doing great projects as complementary to these main corridors. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was considered as a complement to this main corridor when connecting Europe and Asia and planning to be a railway. The Marmaray project is a project that renders the railway between Europe and Asia uninterrupted with the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project. I think the peak was very efficient and very positive. Of course, the presence at the level of our president was much better. Tabii

Arslan pointed out that the Osmangazi Bridge was a complement to a corridor that could go to Europe and said:

Hem When we look at the air transportation area, the 3 airport in Istanbul is very important to complete the air corridor both for our country and for the world. We plan to complement the sea ports as complementary to these corridors. These are important projects for our country, but they are also important complementary to this corridor in order to carry the transportation of the countries within the ECO to Europe. We make transportation in the country easier, but we are not content with it, we are also completing large transportation corridors in order to get more share of our country from world trade. Ül

Minister Arslan, the Turkish trout on the agenda of his troubles in Iran, he said, adding that, "not only Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, bilateral meetings were held with many countries. Problems, solutions, expectations between the two countries, these are already laid on the table. İki

”A Belt One Way“ project

Referring to the project Ars A Generation A Way et initiated by China, Arslan continued:

"By making continuous railway from east to west in our country, we are bringing together the divided highway streamlines transportation in Turkey. Providing access to Central Asia via Turkey through the central corridor and also we make the transition to Europe. These are an important complement to the project I think. We want to create a corridor in this geography in accordance with China's 'One Generation One Way' project. Of course, the corridor of the most important link between Asia and Europe, we want to be in Turkey. She also talks with China to make the railways in Turkey continues. This is very positive. Turkey is perhaps the level of citizens 'One Belt One Road' project may not yet very clear, but Turkey's decision makers who plan the President of the Republic of Turkey as a transport corridor, especially, we know very well, and we believe this project. "

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