Head of Turkish Transport-Sen Branch Ömür Kalkan: Is your rent? People?

Türk Transport-Sen President of the Sakarya Branch Ömür Kalkan has published a press release about the developments on the Island Express and Adapazarı Train Station.

Head of Turkish Transportation Branch Ömür used the following statements in his statement on Kalkan, Ada Express and Train Station;

In the 2012, due to the YHT road construction works, the expiration of the Island Express has started again in January. Changes in platform lengths and elevations at interim stations Canceled underpasses (Arifiye) plans for the construction of Haydarpaşa Gar hotel, the construction of the railway line which is currently being canceled, Pendik-Haydarpaşa railway line construction, and finally the fishing gar project in 2015 Adapazarı train station on the Adapazari Gar'a can not enter the island trains and as a result of the occupancy rate of% 2005 trains are unfortunate.

On 1 May 2013 TCDD is divided into two by Law No. 6461 and TCDD is the only infrastructure. If it is a train company and profitable organization, it has become the IDT. Therefore, Transportation Inc. citizens in front of the train; transfer, transfer elements to eliminate, to enter the city center to increase the number of trains or even the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train Adapazarı Gar'a is making plans to bring up. In the long term, plans to expand the network of railways in Adapazarı, which are connected to the black railroad railway line. Although this may seem like a rash for our citizens, it is possible with the technological opportunities of today. Aside from disrupting traffic, they are important projects to relieve the traffic. In many cities of Europe, rail routes are entered into the city centers from multiple points.

Why is Adapazari Gar not entering the island as it is the case? Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is putting forward the problem of traffic in the level crossings!

The 22 sets the 2300, which makes mutual 4 voyages, and the 6800 engine, which is used in the Island Express, which is claimed to interfere with the traffic. It is a technical fact that it will pass faster than the level crossings.

Moreover, in the 2012, trains had to be canceled at about 3 for an annual period of time.

Turkish Transportation We have expressed our thoughts on the subject with SASTOP, which is formed by Sakarya Branch and Sakarya Civil Society Organizations. 12 50 more than a thousand signatures in the petition campaign ended in March, we know that hundreds of thousands of citizens who can not sign the Sakarya island train Adapazari wants to come to the station. Sakarya deputies on the issue of interest in our city does not explain Ulaştıma Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ada trains Adapazari says Gardan get up! A few days later, the Minister of National Defense made a statement from Kocaeli and said that the trains of the island will be removed from Mithatpaşa. Mithatpaşa station technically has a lack of water facilities for cleaning wagons, lack of water facilities, box office, platform and staff rooms. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which does not allow trains to arrive at Adapazari train station, which has all kinds of technical means, is nothing but saving the day to meet the costs. Gulf, Derince, Dilovasi and so on. how the traffic will occur in Mithatpaşa as a result of the number of passengers that will increase with the opening of the intermediate stations.

TCDD's "multi-storey car park across the maternity center, newly built firehouse, 32 houses- Mithatpaşa - Serdivan junction and new level crossing etc." their lands became the lifebuoy of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality for urgent needs. In accordance with the protocol signed with TCDD and Taşımacılık A.Ş, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which does not pay even 1 cent of the debts arising from ADARAY, should allow the island trains to come to Adapazarı Station by paying at least the debt.

The main problem with us is to use the land with the high value of our Sakarya and the places which belong to TCDD in their own savings. Shortly due to the Adapazarı Train Station location, the victim of the rant beauty, Ada, is also a part of it. Rant? Or the people that hundreds of thousands of people support?

I hope the subject of our President's visit to our city comes to the agenda of the island Adapazari Gardan starts as before, and the story of the snake returns to the end of this situation ends in common sense wins. Yours truly.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:25

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