Tünektepe cable car this time the elderly cut off the foot

This time the Tünektepe cable car cut the elderly people's feet off: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality hosted the residents of the nursing home in Tünektepe with its unique view. Tünektepe'ye for many years to see the elders, the first time to the peak of the cable car experienced happiness.

Tünektepe cable car this time the elderly cut off the foot. Elderly Week in Antalya due to the elderly people staying in various retirement homes in Tünektepe'da free of charge, the natural beauty of the city and have a memorable day with a magnificent view. For the first time in the life of some of the elderly took the ropeway, while others watched Antalya from Tünektepe for the first time.

Happiness is reflected in the eyes of nursing home residents at Tünektepe and expressed their satisfaction with the excitement of the cable car. Ahmet Çetinkaya, one of the residents of the nursing home; Im I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality, all the officials who contributed to our care, and the management of our nursing home. The attention and relevance they show to us is overhauling us, the first time I took the cable car moved us to our good old days. Thank you very much for making us beautiful days in our beautiful Antalya, Güzel he said.

Unal Aktay, who has been in Antalya since 1958; Im 40 years ago I was on my motorcycle in Tünektepe. It was so expensive. Now, we got off the ropeway very quickly and comfortably. The 600 meter says doctors are the healthiest height for human health. We use clean air today. This is the Metropolitan Municipality. If he gives it to the private sector, we'il burn. Let the municipality continue to operate, Bel he said.

Selman Sezer, who came to Antalya for the first time in 1996, is one of the ones who are far away from Tünektepe. Uncle Selman expressed his feelings in these words; U We saw Tünektepe, but we didn't even think of leaving. In the past, only the rich came here, would have fun. It wasn't even on our minds to come. I would like to thank the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and our nursing home management. They brought us here. Our children don't look at them as they look at us. I would like to thank them all ine

Nursing Home officials also stated that the Tünektepe experience for the elderly is very efficient both in health and social aspects and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality.

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