Prevention of Tram Accidents in Samsun

Prevention of Tram Accidents in Samsun: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Kadir Gürkan said that they will implement the 'Safe transportation in the city' project in order to prevent accidents involving trams in the rail system.

Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, which operates the system after fatal accidents involving trams in Samsun Rail System, started work to take measures. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Kadir Gürkan said that they have developed projects to reduce accidents involving public transportation vehicles.

Explaining that they made warning announcements to the citizens at the stations on the tram routes and put warning signs at the entrance of the stations, Gürkan said, “We are struggling to attract the attention of the passengers and prevent possible accidents. We will also put up warning notices in stations and various parts of the city. We will initiate the "Urban safe transportation" project, which will include 30 thousand students. We also warn those who work in urban transportation. " said.

Stating that most of the accidents were hit by pedestrians, Gürkan stated that sometimes it developed as the tram hitting vehicles at the level crossing. Emphasizing that most of the accidents involving pedestrians were caused by carelessness, Gürkan continued as follows: “The main reason why trams hit pedestrians in accidents last year is pedestrians listening to music loudly with headphones attached to mobile devices. Because pedestrians are distracted, they do not see the signs and cannot hear the sound of the tram. For this reason, unwanted accidents occur. Again, in cold weather, our citizens completely cover their heads with hoods and do not see the vehicles. For this, we ask our citizens to remove their hoods that block the sight range with headphones that prevent the sound from being heard when entering the stations. "

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