First digging for OMU tram line shot in Samsun

In Samsun, the first digging was hit for the OMU tram line: the first digging was hit for the Light Rail System Project in Samsun to reach the Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU). Kurupelit started the construction of the 7 kilometer route between the campuses with the last stop, and the number of stops and locations on the route were determined.

The start of the project of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality to extend the Light Rail System Line to Ondokuz Mayıs University was given from the Life Center at the last stop of Kurupelit and the first digging was hit.

Construction machines and teams will work on the basis of 7 / 24 to open the route as soon as possible. With the Kurupelit last stop, infrastructure construction and stall places such as viaduct, open closure tunnel and pedestrian tunnel were also determined on the 7 kilometer route between the campuses. After the discovery and determination of the metrics, the Metropolitan Municipality, Kurupelit Son Durak-University Life Center Light Rail System Project will be auctioned.

Examining the work on-site Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, reaching 31 kilometers and 90 thousand passengers per day rail system is one of the most important service projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun, the university will be completed in record time in the service of the public said that the service. Our Deputy Mayor Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş, our Mayor Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, promised that the railway system university line will be completed in a very meaningful calendar. We have given the project start early to keep our hand quick. The distance between the current Kurupelit final stop and the university is short and the difference in the elevation is large. Therefore, we could not remove our trams. When this was the case, faculty members, students, patients, relatives and staff were having problems using the rail system. The free download on the free buses was not very efficient. We prepared consultancy and project firms and their studies and projects. When we saw that the latest system technology product rail vehicles could easily reach the ramp with maximum 6.5 inclination, we decided to remove the trams to the university with the directives of our president. I think the application projects like 15 Mart will be completed. We will start to prepare for the tender with the discovery and production. As soon as possible, we will make the tender. 1.5 aims to complete a period of time such as years, X he said.

The Dormitory, which brought the 7-kilometer rail system university line infrastructure construction to be completed with the 'Samsun Model' they developed, with dad said, “The Samsun Model is this. By combining the facilities of our municipality with the company that will take the tender, we will make investments and productions much cheaper. We made the first part, which covers between the station and the last stop of the university, completely by the contractor. We ensured that the area between the station and Tekkeköy was built with cheaper and higher quality by combining the construction machines of both the contractor and the metropolitan municipality. We will apply the same method here. Thus, we will have completed the 7-kilometer line in a shorter time. We will work day and night from now on. We will be here and follow. I would like to thank our teacher, Another Rector Sait Bilgiç, who helped us with all kinds of work to be done regarding the extension of the line, and to Menderes Kabadayı, the general secretary.

In the meantime, within the scope of the project to be built a double line railway 420 xNUMX units of length viaduct, 1 pieces of open closure tunnel, one to the policlinics and emergency room as soon as possible and the shortest way to reach patients in the 1 meters long pedestrian tunnel will be made. Transportation will be provided by walking belts within these pedestrian tunnel if the facilities give hand. The stations on the route were determined as polyclinics, Vocational School, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Technopark, Faculty of Engineering and Student Dormitories.

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