Rail Systems to Add Power to Turkey

Rail Systems to Add Power to Our Country: The Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational Technical Education held an information meeting on Rail Systems technology in our province. Governor Davut Gul, Ministry of National Education Vocational Technical Education General Director Osman Nuri Gülay and many guests attended the meeting.

Ministry of National Education Vocational Technical Education General Director Osman Nuri Gülay, Sivas rail transport system, he said. Gulay 19 stated that the Ministry is working to provide infrastructure services to the railway sector. 2 thousand 45 students are studying Rail Systems in the province and these students will add power to the railway sector and our country in the future.

The governor Davut Gül, on the other hand, may be in front of the highway in both passenger and freight transportation. When the high-speed train project is completed, Sivas will have established railway connection with many provinces. ”

Representatives of the school attended the Rail Systems Technology Information Meeting and then visited the Production and Repair Factories, Welding Training Center, Quality Control Laboratories and Materials Areas of our company TÜDEMSAŞ.

General Manager of our company Yildiray Kocarslan, who met with the school administrators who participated in the trip, stated that TUDEMSAS has become in a position to compete with the producers abroad, that whatever railway sector requires, TUDEMSAS is equipped with Production, Quality and Environmental certificates and technology and that they are working on production in the near future. said it would increase. Koçarslan, Rail Systems Technology departments of education and training of students in the sector said that a great need.

The school administrators who attended the meeting and the trip thanked all the employees by stating that our company TÜDEMSAŞ is a modern facility that has been brought into the railway sector with its new face and they are proud of it.



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