Vehicles Pass Through Level Crossing With Closed Barrier In Niğde

At Niğde, The Vehicles Barrier Crosses The Crossing The Closed Gate: In Niğde, the vehicles continue to pass without complying with the rules even though the railroad level crossing barriers are closed.

Citizens are demanding to increase the number of 2 barriers to 4 by saying that the barriers closed during the train crossing at the level crossing opposite the Provincial Administration are insufficient.

Although there have been frequent accidents in the past years, drivers do not obey the rules and cross the level crossing even though the barriers are closed. Drivers who do not want to wait for the train to pass after the barriers, which are one in the direction of arrival and arrival, close, pass the road between the barriers that are inadequate and endanger their lives. Environmental tradesmen and citizens argued that the number of barriers would be increased from 2 to 4 to prevent possible accidents.

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