Train Crashes to Car at Level Crossing in Niğde, 2 Injured

Train in Niğde At the Level Crossing Passed the Car, 2 Injured: The freight train going to Kayseri in Niğde collided with the car at the level crossing at Ditaş junction. 2 people in the vehicle were injured in the accident.

According to the information received, the accident occurred at 01.00 hours during the transition of the freight train that made the Niğde - Kayseri expedition at Ditaş junction. The 51 BD 179 license plate, which was blown by the crash of the train, got stuck between the electric panel on the railroad side and the wagons of the train.

2 people in the vehicle after the accident by firefighters were removed from the place where they were stuck. The wounded were taken to the hospital with an ambulance from the scene.

An investigation was launched into the accident.

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