New Generation National Freight Car Introduced

National Freight Wagon
National Freight Wagon

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan pointed out the importance of the point reached not only in transportation but also in manufacturing in the field of locomotives, passenger wagons, freight wagons and sub-industry, and said, "It is also important to have stepped from the black train delay period to the high speed train period." .

Minister Arslan, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc.. (TÜDEMSAŞ) participated in the promotion program of the “New Generation National Freight Wagon” produced in Sivas with the Minister of Education, İsmet Yılmaz.

In his speech, Arslan expressed that he applauded and greeted TÜDEMSAŞ's valuable employees with respect and gratitude.

Saying, “Because it was important for them to believe,” Arslan pointed out the importance of the effort that TÜDEMSAŞ employees have known for 1,5 centuries to know the point where the railway sector of this country has come from, and to bring this flag higher. Arslan, "That's why I thank them very very much." used the expression.

Arslan, in the most important days of the struggle for independence, stated that in the period when the country was trying to be divided by owls, Sivas, which started to fight with the consciousness of becoming a nation and a national unity, said that it was pleased to be promoting such a project in Sivas.

We are now a leading country

All the world's "confident and no longer believes in the power of a very different Turkey interlocutor" also emphasizes Arslan, he continued:

“Not much, one week ago, when I spoke to my interlocutor Korean minister, he had a very clear statement; 'You may not be aware, but from the world in the last 15 years Turkey very clearly aware coat meat. This distance makes you the leader in your region. It makes you a center of attraction in your area. That's why we want to be together with Turkey, while the Bridge, 1915 but this is the first time, we are located in the here together many more projects with Turkey from this region, we want to produce and provide services to the surrounding geography. ' For this reason, one of the best indicators of the point where Turkey. We are now a leading country with its economy, development and, more importantly, with its geography and the oppression and victims of the world. Of course, the leader country should have goals, and it should take firm steps towards these goals. Of course, the world does not follow, it should be to keep up with the world development of a Turkey. It knows the transport infrastructure in the ministry which we are responsible on this motto, the type does not matter, rail, sea, road, air, communication, the point we have reached in transport infrastructure being moved Turkey is the world's most important countries between us're satisfied with. "

Arslan, noting the importance of the geography where Turkey is located, "to integrate Turkey in all these types of transport bridge between Europe and Asia by integrating logistics centers with each other, it was very important to plan such a Turkey." said.

Arslan stated that they had done many things in 2002 year in 15 as the Ministry and stated that this would not be enough.

Minister Arslan, underlining that Turkey is a very important responsibility imposed on the shoulders of geography that's been said, "This we have put a great responsibility to fulfill the objectives we say is not enough. Hopefully, we will carry our country to much better points in all sectors, especially the railway sector. ” he spoke.

Emphasizing that it is important to be the 6th high-speed train in Europe and the 8th in the world, Arslan said:

“The locomotive, passenger wagon, freight wagon and subsidiary industry is very important in the railway sector not only in transportation but also in manufacturing. This makes us very pleased. More importantly, it is also important to step from the 'black train is late' period to the 'high speed train' period. I congratulate everyone who contributed in this regard. We care about one more thing. It is important for our country to create the shortest, the shortest and the lowest cost middle corridor between Europe and Asia, especially in international transportation. As the complement of the middle corridor, we built Marmaray, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars is about to be finished, but only making a corridor is only from Kapikule. HalkalıComing to Istanbul, coming from Istanbul to Ankara is not enough. ”

Ankara-Sivas YHT Project

Arslan gave information about the high-speed train project between Ankara and Sivas.

Arslan continued his studies on the whole route, said:

“Hopefully, our intention is to finish the end of 2018 and meet Sivasli with high speed train, but we will not stay here. We started the tender process of the first phase of Sivas-Erzincan, and we will extend it to Erzincan. We will not be satisfied with that place and we will take it to Erzurum, Kars because Baku-Tbilisi-Kars and Marmaray will be much more meaningful then. We will not be content with this, but we will carry the high speed train to the south again by saying Sivas-Elazığ-Malatya, because knitting with iron nets is a railroad to every part of the country. It is also important to connect Sivas to Konya via Ankara. We will extend the high-speed train line not only in Konya but to Karaman-Mersin-Adana and from there to Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa. Construction of the part of the high-speed train to İzmir continues, Bursa continues, but we do not settle for it, hopefully by high-speed trains from Afyonkarahisar to Antalya, Kırıkkale to Çorum, Samsun, Erzincan via the Black Sea, and Trabzon to everywhere. When we knit, then we will become a country built with a real railway network. ”

Minister Arslan stressed that not only the infrastructure would be enough, but also that they want to become a global player in the sector and be able to compete on a world scale.

We've come a long way

Stating that it is important to develop the domestic industry, Arslan said:

“We have made great strides to develop our own track, to produce our own vehicles and our own wheels. Don't say 'wheel'. Another bogie on the railways (the system that provides the movement of the wheels). It is really important. That's why we produced rails in Kardemir to use in our existing lines. That's why we have modernized our car park. We both improved our existing conventional lines and made them electrified and signaled. We have become one of the important countries with high speed train processor. Of course, this is very important to us. We also produce and export rail fasteners in Erzincan to improve the railway industry. We have established a factory in Adapazarı, which can manufacture high-speed train vehicles and metro vehicles. We also started to produce high speed train tracks in Karabük. We manufacture wheelsets with MKE in Kırıkkale. We are grateful to the contribution of our esteemed Minister in this regard during the Ministry of National Defense. We established the high speed train truss factory in Çankırı. We have been producing and exporting new generation locomotives for years in TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir. We also started the production of the national engine. The process of making a national high-speed train was important, we completed the concept design. More importantly, it was very important to manufacture vehicles to walk on these roads, to produce the materials to be used on these roads, and even to become exporters in the region. For this, together with the railroads, we say to the world 'yes we are not satisfied'. ”

Minister Arslan pointed out that Sivas, which produced the first steam locomotive "Bozkurt" in 1961, has signed another success and another source of pride, "Therefore, we congratulate TÜDEMSAŞ again. This signature is a signature made in 3 years. 3 years may seem like a long time to you, but I can easily say that 3 years is very short in this type of production, as someone who is involved in this business. ” spoke in the form.

Advantages of the national freight car

Talking about the advantages of the national freight wagon, Arslan gave the following information:

“Firstly, it is very important to carry 29,5 container carriages in a single carriage with a length of 2 meters. Another important feature is that it is about 9,5 tons lighter than similar wagons. This means it is 26 percent lighter. Again, with an empty weight of 25,5 tons, it gives the opportunity to carry more than 4 tons of cargo compared to equivalent wagons in Europe. This increase in carrying capacity is of course the high benefit advantage for the operator. Due to the lightness of the tare, it means 15 percent more burden or lower cost. Thanks to 3 H type bogies and compact braking systems produced for the first time in our country, the cost of carrying loads by 15 percent has been reduced. Low noise level while driving is also far from noise, yet another advantage of these freight wagons in terms of business. The production cost of a single new generation national freight wagon, which can act as two wagons, is also 15 percent lower. Of course, this also means that the cost of long-term care is low. We aim to start mass production of the wagon as a prototype in a short time and export it, hopefully. Friends who work at TÜDEMSAŞ have a saying, they said, 'We brought it to this stage in 3 years, we brought it to the production stage, but the point we have reached is not enough. This year, we will produce 150 products and present them both to the domestic market and to exports. ' We tell our friends that the number 150 is important, the number 150 is big, but let's say that this is insufficient considering the goals of Sivas, the goals of TÜDEMSAŞ and the goals of our country. ”

Following the speeches, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan presented a plaque of appreciation to Ministers Arslan and Yılmaz.

Later, Arslan and Yılmaz cut the ribbon in front of the New Generation National Freight Wagon and made investigations.

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  1. Why were the aforementioned national dmy vehicles not built 10-20 -70 years ago? my technology has changed? Employees or managers could not think about it? Or my allowance was restricted? In the past, there were experts who knew their job, too. But trained expert technical staff were forced into retirement by the senior management, they were suspended. Incompetent managers who made technical staff disreputable are now in the management, I guess ... Materials for national vehicles must be local. bearing wheel valve, regulator etc. should be made in domestic market.

  2. Thank you Mahmut Bey,

    10-20 know that there are some attempts before. Wagon technology does not make a great progress, technologically many years ago National wagon manufacturing could be done!

    I think that since rail freight transport was ignored after the 1940s and we were directed more towards road transport, this was not necessary.