MOTAŞ identifies deficiencies through survey

MOTAŞ identifies the shortcomings through the survey: MOTAŞ identifies the problems, problems and likes in public transport through surveys. 82 percent of the passengers are satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles, while the 83'ın staff is pleased with the attitude and behavior, he said.

MOTAŞ identifies deficiencies through surveys. The surveys conducted to measure the satisfaction of the passengers and to guide their work according to their demands consist of 11 questions. According to the information received from MOTAŞ on the subject, it was stated that a survey was conducted in order to raise the satisfaction of the passengers and to know what they wanted and what applications were disturbed.

In the information that will continue to be investigated in order to ensure the best possible service, imiz What is the reaction of the people to the activities we have shown in various areas, what are the shortcomings that they cannot see? According to the results of the survey, we will learn the level of customer satisfaction, revise the processes according to demand and initiate the necessary studies to reach the maximum level of satisfaction. Without proper measurement, we cannot know that customer satisfaction is good or bad. We will share the results with the public when the questionnaire that we plan to do on 10 thousand people will be completed. We will continue our researches to continue our service in the best possible way. Yürüt

Dı We need to learn their demands to ensure that passenger satisfaction can be sustainable, esi the statement said:

"According to TurkStat data, which was measured as the 62 percent satisfaction with public transport in Turkey. In the survey we conducted at 2016, we saw that we exceeded this level. 6 thousand people in a survey conducted by an independent organization in total 5 bin, thousand passengers in the trambus 11 satisfaction question was asked. As a result of the survey, it is concluded that the passengers are satisfied with our service in the percentage of 71. 'Waiting times at the desired level of stops?' 68 '' appropriate '' answer to the question of the passengers' answer, 'Is the number of times enough?' 63 of the passengers' question 'positive', 'Is the bus occupancy rates appropriate?' 55 'percent of passengers answered the question' appropriate 'he replied. 66 of the respondents said the seating and waiting areas were sufficient at the stops, the 72 at the stops said that the stops and markings were sufficient and the 84 was safe. 82 of the passengers stated that they are satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles, while 83 said they are satisfied with the staff attitude and behavior, and 81 is satisfied with the communication of the personnel with the customer. Yol

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