The face of Darica will change with metro

The face of Darıca will change with the Metro: Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak held a meeting with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department officials regarding the Metro Project to be built between Gebze and Darıca.

For the Metro line to be built between Darıca - Gebze, the final point reached in the project was evaluated at the evaluation meeting, and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department officials said that drilling works will start next week for ground surveys.


Darica will be located in Darica at the 14 point for the Metro line, which will extend from the coast to Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and will be about 5 km long. A total of 5 units will be installed in Darıca, Darıca, Kent Square, Eris Durağı, Culture Center Station and Station Station. Gebze and Darica urban centers, hospitals, public institutions, educational institutions, OIZ areas and Marmaray line will be integrated to the planned construction of the Gebze-Darica Metro Line construction phase is expected to begin in 2018.


Mayor Karabacak, who closely follows the works of the Metro Project, stated that the metro line, which was planned to start from Darıca City Square in the first place, was extended to the beach upon their request, and said, "I would like to thank our Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who has made great efforts in the realization of this important project. With the project, which is planned to be completed in 5 years at the latest, there will be a significant relief in the traffic in the region. In Darica, a station will be established at a total of 5 points, including the coast, the City Square, the Eriş Stop, the Cultural Center Stop and the Station Stop. At the same time, the project, which will be integrated into the Marmaray line, is a great opportunity for our citizens traveling to the Istanbul side. kazanI will be. We look forward to this project that will add value not only to our district but also to our region in all aspects. I hope it will be beneficial for our district, and I would like to thank those who contributed again.” He gave information about the works.

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