The period of sustainable strategies in logistics

term sustainable strategies in logistics: In case of geo-political stability in the coming period, it is possible to say that Turkey will play an important role in the logistics.

In case of geo-political stability in the coming period, it is possible to say that Turkey will play an important role in the logistics. On the other hand, increasing costs, infrastructure deficiencies, problems in legislation and customs gates remain in place.

Alışan Logistics is preparing for new collaborations in Central Anatolia
Xanum 1985 20 was established as an international shipping company with a fleet of vehicles. Logistics construction, insurance and chemical washing companies in the sector. Shayan Den Hartogh, whom she founded with her Dutch partner at 31; An environmentalist carrying chemical plant equipments in Turkey, breaks down in European standards with modern techniques. The group's locomotive company, Hangar Logistics, has a fleet of 2005 self-owned vehicles. Serving in many areas, particularly in the chemical and FMCG industries, Alışan Lojistik has expertise in handling, transporting and storing hazardous chemicals.

Damla Alışan, Vice Chairman of Purchasing Logistics, says that they have completed 2015 with a turnover of 355 million and they grew by a percentage of 20. Xantom Organized Industrial Zone in 2016 20 thousand pallets in the new warehouse opening, saying that they, in addition, where the new storage facility with a capacity of 15 thousand pallets said they are commissioning and continues as follows: and 5 thousand 3 thousand pallet capacity 500 and 5 thousand square meters of open space covering our new warehouse have added to our investments. Thus, with the 2106 bin pallet storage capacity as of 255 year, we started to serve all Central Anatolia Region after Marmara, Trakya, Ege and Çukurova regions. X

Arkas Logistics aims for 15 growth
In 2016, Arkas Logistics increased its profits by 15 in dollars and 31 in TL terms. 2017 aims to grow at least 15 in dollar terms. Since 1989, Arkas Holding has been providing container, partial container, multimodal, open cargo, project transportation, terminal, domestic distribution and storage services under the roof of Arkas Holding. Firm, Istanbul, Izmir, Denizli, Bursa, Mersin, Iskenderun, Ankara, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Konya, Samsun, Trabzon and Antalya in Turkey to be in office operates via 14. There are 12 offices in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece and Shanghai.

In 2016, the company was named the Awards Most Successful Brand of the Year sektör at the Integrated Marketing Awards at The One Awards. Diane Arcas, Arkas Holding Logistics Services Group President and Arkas Holding Board Vice President, said that they are interested in developing specializations for different sectors. Edik We have an investment plan covering 4 million 700 thousand euros in total, including trucks, trailers and construction machines. . Locomotive investments are among the topics we plan to do. 706 wagons in our fleet, with a thousand 250 open top containers, we have the capacity to carry 1,5 million tons annually. It will take two years for locomotive orders to be delivered, delivered and commissioned. At this point, it is important to plan the transition process of TCDD until establishing the private sector system. Bu

Arkas adds that they are in preparation for establishing a terminal in Yenice, as well as handling and storing services at Yenice Terminal, as well as railway lines that are directly connected to the ports of Mersin, İskenderun, and intermodal transportation between ports and domestic industrial zones. Intermodal transportation will be provided from Iskenderun, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Konya, Mersin and Adana regions to Syria, Iraq, Iran, then CIS countries and China. Arkas also says that Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Greece will increase sea transport, railroad and railway transportation and trade in the field of international activities. Projects in Africa and Central Asia are on the agenda. Arkas, which adds two “Atlas“ awards in the railway and international maritime transport fields to the awards it receives in the logistics sector, also keeps technology in the focus. Arkas Logistics Call Center draws attention with its professional structure and şikayet Logistics Portal ”in suggestions and complaint management issues.

Barsan BGL Logistics 20 will open new center
In 2016, Barsan Global Logistics continued its international investments. The company is now operating in 19 logistics center in 56 country. Investments were made in San Francisco, Atlanta, Seatle, Shenzen in China and Ningbo, Brazil in Sao Paulo in 2016. In Europe, Berlin, Hanover, Munich and Stutgart in Germany, Györ in Hungary, Gent in Belgium, Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Ghiroda in Romania, Dublin in Ireland, Barsan Logistics in 2016 logistics centers.
Samandıra Turkey in Istanbul, Antalya and recently expanded its service network by establishing the Regional Director of Eregli company currently serves 20 and 36 director of the customs office. One of the first companies to apply for Turquality, Barsan Logistics Chairman Cengiz Çaptuğ said, ğ In the first quarter of 2017, we think that we will encounter a stable first quarter when we evaluate the available data for the logistics sector. Considering that all the difficulties Turkey faces stronger exceeded our expectations from the 2017 basic direction to be sustainable growth. 19 56 logistics center in our activities in the center of the 20 new center will add more, X he says.

Borusan focuses on R & D and innovation
Borusan Logistics closed the year 2016 with TL 20 growth in TL terms. At 2016, the company focused on three basic investments. The first of these was to increase the capacity of the vehicle at the port to 250 thousand units of 350 thousand. 350 bin vehicles can be serviced at its ports. Another investment took place in the field of project transportation. New equipment used for the first time in Turkey and passed about 2,5 million dollar investment in infrastructure with life. Especially in the field of wind energy, different studies are on the agenda. Borusan Lojistik focuses mainly on innovation and R & D activities. Ibrahim Dölen, General Manager of Borusan Logistics, received R & D approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology within the framework of the Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities numbered 5746. Since the establishment of our R & D center, we have invested in 100 million TL. Our investments will continue. Yatırım

20 million of the company's future investments will be on R & D and innovation. In 2017, two warehouses with a total area of ​​112 thousand square meters will be opened in Istanbul and the other in İzmir. Eight different digitization projects and a new innovative product are on the agenda at 2017 for innovation and R & D. The Company aims to increase its sales by an additional 5 percentage. . We will focus on developing innovative business models across 2017 and launching successful projects. Lojistik It will be our priority to reduce or accelerate the logistics costs of our customers in their supply chains and to provide them with a competitive advantage when entering new markets. In

Gefco Group will increase the number of destinations
Industrial and logistics group Gefco logistics record of success in Europe in the automotive industry in Turkey since 2002, offers services in the automotive field. The business model in terms of "asset light" system adopted by the company, investments in Turkey also embodies according to this model. Gefco Group, which is one of the first 10 logistics companies in Europe, has facilities in more than 100 countries on five continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Russia, United States, Mexico, Mexico). With more than 44 branches and more than 400 facilities, Gefco focuses on continuing its investments in 2017. Serkan Çelik, Gefco Sales and Marketing Director said, ğ We have succeeded in meeting our sales forecasts, despite the negative effects, by increasing our product diversity and the destinations we serve. For example, when we look at the first six months, we perform above our planned budget figures. When we look at the January-June performance of the previous year, we saw an increase of 10 on our turnover. Bir In the coming period, Gefco plans various activities for more efficient business processes with Russia and Middle East countries. Steel pointed out the importance of Turkey's position advantage, the solution of the ongoing problems infrastructure investments in Turkey is at a critical point, Turkey's Transport mainly is made by road, he says it should increase the efforts to make the more balanced the transport type.

Ekol Logistics will focus on intermodal transportation
As one of the Fortune 500 logistics companies, Ekol Logistics has continued its successful performance with 2016 million euro with the Ro-Ro company. The goal is to maintain this stable growth in 670. Innovation and technology are prominent in the company's 2017 plans. 2017 with a thousand employees in the country operating in the 7 Ekol, among these countries with the latest investment 14 million euros added Iran. The main subject of the company's focus on the industry is 20. Ahmet Mosul, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ekol Logistics, says, bu Now we are preparing for 4.0 Industry and producing projects for this issue. Ek One of the subjects Ekol focuses on is intermodal transportation. A new Ro-Ro Terminal was built in Yalova with an investment exceeding 4.0 million dollars, and this terminal is planned to be operational in the first half of 30.

The company is preparing to offer both automation and conventional solutions with Iran, one of the markets it focuses on. The conventional division of the Iranian plant will be launched in the first half of 2017. The company's goal, Turkey and Azerbaijan is located on the trade routes of the Middle East until the facility in Qazvin xnumx'y the most modern and high capacity make the logistics base. Ekol, which has also worked in the field of green logistics, built in Şekerpınar, will be operational from the first half of 2020. The LEED certified facility will provide many of the energy needed by solar panels, and will bring many firsts and innovations within itself. Secondly, with the 2017 bin pallet capacity facility in Ankara, the plant has a total investment of 60 million euros, which includes both construction and automation systems, in order to increase the rate of 50 by 20.

Horoz Bolloré Logistics has Africa in focus
Horoz Bollore Logistics, 2016'da previously seen in the narrow market and turned to the strong continent of the African continent. One of its key advantages was that its partner Bolloré in the African continent has been operating for more than 50 years and has a good infrastructure on the continent. Bollore 54 on the African continent is strong in the country's 46. 16 operates in Africa with its port, railways, 6 fleet of thousand vehicles and 281 warehouse. 6 million TEU containers are handled annually and 6,5 carries million tons of cargo. forwarder is one of the companies that most transport from Turkey to Africa. In the Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, such as the focus of countries. There is continuity in relations with Europe, the USA and the Far East. Horoz Bollore Logistics conducts inland, maritime transport, container, air cargo and container internal transport. 115 thousand TEU container transport volume per year. 6 carries an import and export freight of one thousand tons of air cargo. Regarding special solutions, it draws attention with its different aspects. Horoz Bolloré Logistics General Manager Hakan Yaman said, “We mainly carry out project cargo transportation to the construction and energy sector. We have a separate department. We also have specific solutions for sectors that we cannot serve under general cargo. For example, we are quite assertive in our special products such as space and aerospace, healthcare, marine logistics. Örneğin For the 2017 year, Yaman says there will be opportunities for difficult conditions and negativities, and underlines that they are aiming to grow at 2017 by 10.

Mars Logistics to grow with new markets
Mars Logistics, which transports to many points of the world with road, sea, rail, airway and intermodal transportation models, works intensively with Europe, Far East and America especially in maritime and air transport. With a fleet of thousand 860 self-owned vehicles on the highway, it is active in many markets such as Europe, Turkic Republics and North Africa. The company has a high transport volume especially in Spain, France, Morocco and Tunisia. Ali Tulgar, General Manager of Mars Logistics, said, Mars We left behind a year in which we continued our sustainable growth. 2016 in 12 growth and 250 million euro turnover have achieved. 2017'de 12'da also aim to grow, iyor he says. There are new markets on the company's agenda. In addition to Europe, the 2016 was opened to the Eastern market and new steps were taken. This traffic will be increased in 2017. Fleet and warehouse investments continue without slowing down.

Mars 2017 million euros in the second quarter with an investment in the new logistics center Hadimkoy xnumx'n prepared to implement Logistics also conducting studies to develop the intermodal lines between Germany and Turkey and Luxembourg and Turkey. Tulgar underlines that 30 will invest a million euros in the fleet. The logistics center and green logistics on the Istanbul-Anatolian side are among the priorities. Tulgar underlines that new strategies for the 20 year are on the agenda. The political and economic turmoil, security risks, negative impacts on trade routes, border gates and the problems in the ports is a difficult period is noted. Tulgar explains the positive developments in the sector as textile and automotive orders continue.

Negmar Group seeks advantageous contracts at sea
Continuing its operations in the field of sea and land transportation in the logistics sector, Etis Logistics and the sea brand of Istanbullines, the Negmar Group continues to grow with different ecosystems in maritime and logistics. 14 national and international company, three international investors, four head office 600 close to the employees of the group's 2017 year to improve the institutional infrastructure.
Mustafa Serdar Duran, CEO of Negmar Group, said, mark We have been serving with Eskiþitar-Yalova (Tavşanlı) line for three years with Istanbullines, the innovative brand of sea transportation. Istanbullines ferries allow sea transportation safely under difficult weather conditions. 2016 Xnumx million 1 vehicles and 927 million 3 million passengers in the EskiSar-Yalova (Tavsanli) and Ambarli-Bandirma lines in 977 with the 8 thousand 983 kilometers from Istanbul traffic, 'he says. Negmar Group, which continues its investments in transportation, storage and terminal services as well as in the field of integrated logistics with Etis Logistics, also strengthens its fleet. Finally, the group added new vehicles to its fleet 37, 3 thousand Turkey carries out transportation to the point.

Netlog Logistics is growing with an overseas attack
Founded in 2003, Netlog Logistics started its rapid growth trend by undertaking the logistics of Yıldız Holding (Ülker) in 2005. After gaining experience in logistics of all food products such as general, cold chain and liquid food, over time (fashion & life style), it has also emerged in the logistics of retail, chain market, shopping mall, automotive and technology products. Netlog Logistics Group serves with 23 companies and 13 brands. The group, which invested 2008 million dollars in the 50 crisis, started to reap the fruits of these investments made for the formation of vehicle parks, people and new operations since 2010. With a second investment of 2012 million Euros in 2013-80, the project focused on warehouse and system investments and accelerated its growth. Then, in 2013, it invested 45 million euros in vehicles, making significant investments with its growth move. Taking advantage of inorganic growth opportunities, the group made huge acquisitions in the last two years. It contributed 300 million dollars inorganic to its turnover. Different companies of the group have proven their identity in the international arena. Netlog Logistics Group Vice President Gökalp Çak said, “We made two serious purchases in Europe. We have incorporated Dutch TNT Logistics and Belgian Belspeed companies. With these acquisitions, Netlog has become Europe's largest fashion & lifestyle logistics company ”. Netlog has reached over 3 thousand employees in Europe, America and the Middle East today.

One of the targets on the agenda of Çak, 2017'da recognized region in the region to make a worldwide known logistics service provider. Far East, the Arab Gulf countries and that its investments in the United States as well as abroad Netlog Turkey is targeting significant growth. Regarding the issue Era "Our priority will always be customers in Turkey. If we cannot establish the logistic infrastructure that will support the 2023 targets of our state, we cannot achieve this goal as a country. Our goal is to build systems that will support the growth of Turkish firms abroad and be in Turkey's foreign logistics power, "he says.

Reysaş Logistics, railway is growing in multimodel transportation
Growing in a short time in the logistics sector, where 1990 started with vehicle transportation, Reysaş Logistics provides service with automotive milk-run and automotive production line, domestic and international transportation, fuel oil, railway, maritime transportation and storage services. The company owns two thousand 750 self-propelled trucks, 3 bin rental, two active ones, seven railway stations, one thousand wagon, one thousand railway containers, 36 warehouse, 850 one thousand square meter closed storage area, 13 TUV Turkish inspection stations operation and two Hilton Hotels big investments. Vice President of the Board of Directors of Reysaş Investment Holdings Egemen Döven considers 2016 to be the year of completion of warehouse construction, opening of Erzincan and Eskişehir Hilton Hotels, making investments in multimodel transportation. Mr. Döven, sürdür We continued our investments to reduce the operating costs by generating electricity by setting up electricity production facilities with solar panels on warehouse roofs. We've increased our warehouse. We have carried out transformation projects by using CNG within the scope of green logistics. Yeşil
With its new head office in Çamlıca, Reysaş Logistics has an open storage area of ​​more than one thousand square meters and 850 is over one thousand square meters. 1,5 aims to reach the closed storage area of ​​2018 million square meters. In warehouse construction projects, 1,2 MWp solar power plant in total in the warehouse roofs by establishing a total 5 MWp other target to reach the installed power.

Reysaş continues its railroad and superstructure investments in railway transportation. 2017 is planned to grow in 15 for automotive milk run and auto transport, food, cold chain, LNG and CNG transportation, storage and rail transportation. warehouses in Turkey, railway, agriculture and livestock (it realized the necessary investments to grow about five-six times), stacking machines and logistics investments were held. Abroad train investments continue in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Reysaş's 2017 growth target is 15. . In many sectors, prices of goods and services have hit bottom. Cost-cutting operations are more important than revenue-enhancing operations. At 2017, we will highlight the jobs that reduce energy and transportation costs, reduce carbon emissions and create added value in the sense of green logistics; GES facilities on the roofs of our warehouses, we will focus on the use of natural gas in trucks and trucks, depol he says.

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