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Scientific cooperation for izsu and tubitak
Scientific cooperation for izsu and tubitak

📩 16/12/2020 21:44

İzmir Fly if the Gulf is Scanned: İzmir maritime transportation sector and port users want the “İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project to start as soon as possible, which will determine the future of İzmir Bay and İzmir Alsancak Port.

İMEAK Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch Chairman Yusuf Öztürk said, “This project is of vital importance for the future of İzmir and the region. The approach channel, which is 5 meters wide and an average minus 150 meters deep, will be widened to 11 meters and deepened by minus 250 meters, which will make Izmir Port suitable for Panamax and Post-Panamax type vessels. The way to increase the capacity of the port will be paved. With the circulation channel, the water quality of the Izmir Bay will improve and the "swimming bay" target will be approached. Public and will be held with local government cooperation, this project will be an example to Turkey, "he said.


Ozturk harbors in the Aegean region of Turkey proposed to be designed as the region's logistics, "the Dardanelles and the Bosporus are the last turn of the Aegean coast. We know what consequences an accident in the Straits will have. On the other hand, it does not have much benefit to the growth of Turkey's economy in the Sea of ​​Marmara obese. The growth should spread to other areas as well. Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project will trigger the power of the Aegean and Izmir in many areas from tourism to the environment, from trade to industrial investments, from logistics to real estate, ”he said.

Emphasizing that every day delay in the project means a loss from the future of İzmir, Öztürk said, “Dokuz Eylül University Marine Sciences and Technology Institute started scientific studies with Piri Reis Research Ship in İzmir Bay to examine the results of the project. We expect the scan to start and complete quickly. The years lost to obtain EIA approval must be compensated by the implementation of this investment, which is very important for the future of İzmir, as soon as possible ”.


Stating that there has been an increase in port investments in Aliağa and South Marmara in recent years, Öztürk said that TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port maintains its importance for the region. Stating that the port provides services to all types of cargo and provides uninterrupted service to ships for 365 days, Öztürk stated that the port is in an indispensable position for the industrialists and exporters in the Aegean who want to send their products to the markets at the most affordable cost.

İMEAK Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch Advisor to the President Dr. Ersel Zafer Oral said that if the bay is dredged, the port will grow. “İzmir Port has been continuing in the same way for more than 50 years. Turkey's ports increased cargo volume, Aegean port has lost blood. Failure to do the screening project has a huge impact on blood loss. before the supply is made in countries such as Turkey, then demand occurs. If scanning is done, the port grows. Thus, we can withdraw the loads going to the South Marmara. The cost of completing all phases of the port increased to $ 500 million. However, each dollar spent in İzmir and the Aegean will provide a return of 3 dollars to the national economy ”.

On the other hand, Mihri Çelik, Board Member of İMEAK Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch, will make a presentation on the "Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project" at Yaşar University on 8 March.

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