A person who climbed the catenary pole in the YHT line in Izmit was burned to death

A person who went up to the catenary pole on the YHT line in Izmit died and died: The person who climbed the electricity pole on the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line in Izmit, died and died by burning 24 thousand volts.

In the evening, the event took place in the high-speed train power line at Kızılay Bay, Salim Dervişoğlu Caddesi, İzmit. According to information obtained; A person who was allegedly wanted to make cable theft from YHT line, was not yet learned. YHT 's catenary lines in the spark of the surrounding citizens in a situation that sparked fire crews. When the firefighters came to the scene of the pole on the pole to see the person lying on the pole and 112 teams conveyed the situation.

Police teams from the scene encountered a male corpse estimated to be in the 25 age on electric poles. The teams found that there were pincers and related materials used in cable cutting. The teams could not interfere with the person on the electrical wires. We were contacted for cancellation of train services. However, due to the time of the time of the event, a train crossed. An attempt was made to bring down the body of the person, who was determined to have died after the stops were stopped. It was seen that the deceased tried to cut the wires and the pincer in his hand fell to the ground.

Following the work done by the public prosecutor and the crime scene investigation teams, the identity of the person whose identity has not been determined yet was taken to Izri Asri Mezarlık Morgu for autopsy. It is claimed that while the person wants to make the cable theft from the power line, the person lost his life by using the current 24 bin volt. Police teams launched an investigation after the incident.

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