İzmir Çiğli Tramway Project

tram arrives to cigli district of izmir
tram arrives to cigli district of izmir

İzmir Çiğli Tram Project: The new route in the tram Çiğli: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu explained his 2004-year investments and projects at the 'İzmir Model in Local Development from 2016 to 13' meeting organized by Çiğli Municipality. Mayor Kocaoğlu summarized the secret of success in three articles: "Transparency, justice, hard work .."

By Local on development goals to realize sample applications in Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Çiğli Municipality organized "in 2004 and 2016. Local Development Izmir Model" met on a meeting with the district's opinion leaders. In the meeting hosted by Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan, Mayor Kocaoğlu summarized the important investments and projects he made in the name of “local development” in the 13 years since he was elected as the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and underlined that the biggest secret of success is 'treating everyone equally'.

”We will always be grateful to the people of İzmir“

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, güv The political armor's greatest armor and assurance is its justice. It protects the people and the citizens of the mayor, who acts justly and equally. We had an incident and 6 years later, we were acquitted on 27 February 2017. During this time, all of our citizens of İzmir believed in our honesty and supported us until the end. No one 'Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in this case, the crime' did not say. That's why we will be grateful to the people of Izmir as long as we live. O

cigli tram route and stations
cigli tram route and stations

Transparent tender method

13 noted that they have acquired a sense of mind and science as a guide and that they have made investments as much as possible on this basis. The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has stated that they have to use the resources correctly and to save money. . Our principle was to compete in the tender procedure. Our aim in the procurement processes was to make the job right and in a beautiful way, without the right of anyone, saving, kim he said.

Investments are folded: 2 billion, 4 billion, 8 billion ..

All of the investments they made with the Municipality's own resources, and that President Aziz Kocaoglu stated that the example of Turkey, the words continued as follows:

"Depending on the taxes paid by the people of İzmir Republic of Turkey from the amount required to give us the budget, so we did not see another penny of support for our right. We have roasted, saved, managed our own resources and started to invest. In our first period in office we invested 2 billion liras. 2009 - 2014 4.5 billion pounds .. During this period, ie the last 3 5 billion years of investment. If we go in the same direction, we will have invested 8,5 billion liras until the end of our duty. We're going 2-4-8. Human forgets memory. But when we look at Çiğli, 13 years before, other districts, İzmir, we can better understand the point we have come today. Ama

Ray The city that makes the most rail system “

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the biggest investment of the Metropolitan Municipality was the transportation and said: eski There was no old steamer in the Gulf. The cost of the ferries received is 600 million pounds. 80 km. IZBAN threw money for our municipality spent 750 million. We're building a tram, now we're over 400 million pounds. We have taken over the 11 mileage rail system; we are currently running on 130 kilometers. Towards the end of this year, İZBAN 26 will reach Selçuk in kilometers. Karşıyaka When we count the and Konak trams, there will be an additional 50 kilometers. In other words, the running rail system will reach 180 kilometers at the end of the year. When the 20 local election comes along with the 2019-kilometer Narlıdere and Buca subway and the Aliağa-Bergama İZBAN line, we will have completed most of the 250-kilometer rail system construction. Today we are not making the most rail systems in Turkey. Moreover, we do this with our own resources. We did not receive any resources from either the Ministry of Transport or the Treasury. Your financial structure must be very solid in order to use credit. We have strengthened our financial structure since the end of the first 2-3 years. Current highest state kurumuyuz credibility in Turkey. Treasury noted that the Republic of Turkey takes steps are greater than 9, "he said.

2 billion pounds of expropriation

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said that it is not possible to take steps without making any expropriation in a city like Izmir.

Ik We have made the nationalization of 2 billion pounds so far. This is not an expropriation in the history of Turkey! In addition, the most important duty of a mayor is to keep the city air, soil and water clean. If it's dirty, he'il be better. We as a municipality, for example to Turkey in environmental investments. Dikili, Kınık, Kiraz and Beydağ remained. When we do this, we are going to compete with countries like Germany and Belgium which are the most advanced in the world. I

New route in the tram Çiğli

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they continue their rail system investments without slowing down and gave a good news to the people of Çiğli at the end of his speech. Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “As a result of the evaluation of incoming requests, the decision to extend the tram line to Çiğli was approved. Following Mavişehir, the existing line will be extended to serve Çiğli İZBAN Station, Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. The tram will also provide access to Çiğli's sea route ”.

Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan stated that they always felt the support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu at the time they needed and said'n Çiğli is always grateful to you Göre.

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