İstinye-Çubuklu steamer line comes into service

İstinye-Çubuklu ferry line comes into service: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is a role model to the world with its transportation investments from tunnels to metros, from sea transportation to modern roads, is in service with the İstinye - Çubuklu car ferry line that will reduce the Asian-European transition to 8 minutes.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines Inc., Istanbul traffic will significantly relax the İstinye - Çubuklu car ferry line is put into service. The trial runs of the line, which will download Asian-European transitions to 8 minutes, start today.

In the first place will serve with two-car steamer, even 40 thousand times a year 1 thousand vehicles, 700 thousand vehicles, 2,5 million passengers are aimed at transport. Thanks to the new line, the 5.000 vehicle is scheduled to be towed over the bridge. This will result in significant savings in time and fuel, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The ferryboats, which are called Aşiyan and Erguvan, are designed in a non-wave and soft docking. Asiyan Vessel, 65 cars, 250 pedestrian passenger capacity, Erguvan Vessel 65 cars, 434 pedestrian passengers capacity.

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