Murder Plan Broken Through Machine-wary Care

Murder Plan Was Broken Thanks to the Mechanic's Concourse: The engineer of the train which ran the Konya-İzmir stop stopped the train when he saw that someone was on the railway. A careful mechanic who immediately saw the throat of the person lying on the rails cut off his throat, immediately informed the security forces. Plans to pretend to be a train hit were broken.

A man's body was found by cutting his throat on the railway in Aksehir district of Konya province.

According to the information obtained, the mechanic of the freight train, who made the Konya-Izmir expedition, realized that a person was lying on the rails, stopped the train and informed the security forces.

Akşehir District Gendarmerie Command on the notice from the incident teams arrived, near the Sorkun neighborhood on a railway found a dead male body.

As a result of the examinations at the scene, the body was found to belong to a person named Soner Arlı (31) who was registered to the village of Yeşilçiftlik in Afyonkarahisar province.

The body of Arlı, who was found dead by cutting her throat and having scars on her body, was taken to the Aksehir State Hospital morgue for an autopsy after the crime scene investigation.

Investigation into the murder is ongoing.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:26

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