Hacı Bayrama Modern Minibus Stops

Hacı Bayrama Modern Minibus Stops: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of Ulus Historical City Center Project, is located behind Hacı Bayram Mosque, which is one of the symbols of Ankara, within the closed modern minibus stops with the capacity of 650 vehicles, as well as cultural center, science museum, closed market, 5 is building a complex complex with boutiques and food sections.

The headquarters of the Cultural and Natural Properties Department, which carries the Hacı Bayram minibus stops in Ulus to Kevgirli Street, has recently started the construction of the complex.

Akarpınar Uludağ, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, added that they added new ones to their work in Hacı Bayram, which is one of the important places of Ankara, with its location and history. The new complex will also attract attention with its architecture. The new complex, where the Seljuk architecture will be used, includes a number of social facilities such as exhibition halls, museum area, meeting halls as well as minibus stops ”.

Minibuses stopped before the 21 thousand square meters in an area, now 15 thousand square meters of this area will be built in the 5 storey complex indicating that Uludag, the main work of the construction continues, he said. Uludag gave the following information about the complex:

“The two floors of the building in the basement will be about 2 stops. On the upper floors, citizens will be able to spend time here until their van will arrive. Minibuses will take their passengers from here and will be able to exit the section suitable for their routes without disrupting traffic and causing confusion. There will be separate links for all. 650 lines, including the sanatorium, Hasköy, Etlik, Aktepe, Keçiören, İncirli, İçaydınlık, Gölbaşı, Mamak, Siteler, Akdere, Abidinpaşa and Seyranbağları stations will be located in this complex. We will complete our works within 12 years and put them into service with a view that suits our Ankara. ”

Uludag said that they continued the destruction and cleaning activities carried out in Ulus, surrounded by shantytowns, which were badly mentioned for many years. Boyunca We have ensured that the region has become a center of attraction again with the works we carried out in the region. Formerly, the citizens, who were afraid to go with their families, were now among the most tourist visitors of Ankara. Ulus

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