Gesture of free transportation to students who will enter YGS in Izmir

A free transportation gesture for the students who will enter YGS in Izmir: 12 A series of measures were taken by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for mass transportation due to the Higher Education Entrance Examination (YGS) to be held on Sunday March. In addition, all candidates who will take the exam in Izmir will be able to use the free entrance of the Metropolitan Municipality, buses, ferries, subways and suburbs.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has made some arrangements to facilitate the access of the candidates who will take the Transition to Higher Education Examination to this examination.

However, the Metropolitan Municipality offered another opportunity for candidates to take the test. Candidates who will benefit from buses, subways, commuter trains (İZBAN) and ferries will be able to benefit from the free transportation service by showing the ve entry documents) until the start of the test on Sunday morning.

100 bus supplement
The General Directorate of ESHOT added 100 bus to the lines where exam intensity will be experienced. In addition to 9 Bostanlı İskele-Tınaztepe, 290 Tınaztepe-Bornova Metro and 390 Tınaztepe-F.Altay Transmission Lines, 690 Gaziemir-Tınaztepe and 353 Katip Çelebi University-F.Altay Transfer lines will continue to provide services on Sunday, the exam was announced.

The route of the General Directorate of ESHOT is as follows:
23, 27, 63, 67, 80, 90, 104, 114, 125, 152, 168, 233, 240, 267, 268, 302, 304, 328, 412, 443, 445, 446, 490, 505, 510, 525, 543, 565, 568, 579, 581, 585, 671, 705, 708, 765, 800, 874, 875, 876

İZBAN, Metro and IZDENIZ measures are ok
İzmir Metro, taking into account the passenger density due to the examiner's frequent expeditions. On Sunday mornings, yeniden 10 once a minute “was re-arranged to be sınav 5 one minute Pazar before and after the exam.
In case of need, İZBAN will make two train sets ready at the Alsancak Station for action.
İZDENİZ took measures against the density that could occur with the spare ships to be kept in the piers.

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