Example of Turkey's Largest Rail Project kbui Established

Turkey Representative of the Largest Rail Project kbui Established: Karabük University on the initiative of the Rail Club, a 3 meter sample of the most commonly used ballasted railway system in the world by the Building Center was established on our campus.

The ballast rail system installed in the area where the historical steam train is located will create an application area especially in the courses of the Rail Systems Engineering students. same question railway system, Turkey - EU financial cooperation so far signed the most high-budget projects feature with "River - Karabük - Zonguldak Railway Rehabilitation and Signaling Project" is used in the. Yapı Merkezi has several materials, such as sleeper, rail connection materials, 3 m rail, wooden sleeper and concrete sleeper, in the ballasted rail system.

Building Center Mön Partnership for Quality Assurance Manager and Geological Engineers Huseyin Yalcin, the largest project in Turkey "Irmak - Karabük - Zonguldak Railway Line Project" a small portion of the used in ballasted railway line was that they bring to our University. Yalçın said: “We have ballast and sleepers in the line we brought here. The line we bring will make an important contribution with the connection material on it. This railroad shows students what the traverse, track and fastening material, ballast and line are after the end. ” he spoke.

Veysel Güneri, the President of the Rail Systems Club of the University, said that they were very happy about the establishment of the ballast railway, which was donated by Yapı Merkezi, to the campus: We want to take all the materials and set up a rail systems laboratory at our university. We believe that the materials brought by Yapı Merkezi will benefit students in putting theoretical lessons into practice, and when they learn about the ballast, rail, and traverse materials, they will develop more knowledgeable students. ”

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