First images from Hyperloop One's Nevada project

The first of the Hyperloop One's Nevada projects: when the Hyperloop transport system is implemented, the car will be able to drive the 10 to 1 hours per hour.

Aiming to create the fastest transportation system in the world, Hyperloop One company has published images of the first test line it is establishing in the Nevada Desert. The first test line, called DevLoop, has now reached a length of 500 meters. The diameter of the tunnel that the Hyperloop vehicle will travel in is 3,3 meters and the total weight of the line is 1,100 tons.

Elon Musk now intends to build a tunnel under the cities

The construction of the project continues 50 kilometers outside of Las Vegas, USA. When the DevLoop test tunnel is complete, it will form a giant cylindrical closed line in the desert. The first real capsule transportation test in the test tunnel is planned to be carried out in the first half of 2017. In the same region, an unmanned prototype Hyperloop vehicle was previously tested in May 2016 without a tube, since the tube system has not yet been installed.

An example of the speed of the Hyperloop transport system is the distance between Australia's two major cities, Melbourne and Sydney. The distance between two cities with 878 kilometers is 10 hours 45 minutes by car, 10,5 hours by bus, 4,5 hours by plane and 3 hours 15 minutes by high-speed train. But the capsules that will travel in a Hyperloop tube between the two cities will be able to cover this distance in just 55 minutes.

Hyperloop One, the company that designed and developed the system, was founded by the famous businessman and visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk. The company is currently working on establishing a Hyperloop line in the United Arab Emirates. The line here will connect the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is scheduled to reduce the normally hours-long road to just 12 minutes. The company has announced that it is not only interested in passenger transportation, but also in high-speed cargo transportation.

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