Etis Logistics carried free of charge for war victims

Etis Logistics carried free of charge for the victims of war: Etis Logistics, one of the Negmar Group companies, enriches its customer portfolio with its operational capability and strength, and does not forget its corporate social responsibilities. The company cooperated with the Union of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives to send support trucks to the border crossing of Cilvegöz free of charge to support the region's people who were victims of the Syrian War that had been going on for years.

Etis Logistics, one of the ambitious brands of the logistics sector, Etis Logistics, with Tat Konserve, acts as an intermediary for many humanitarian aids while acting with social responsibility awareness while increasing the number of customers. 6 is the Syrian War that has caused thousands of lives and millions to lose their homes. During the year, Etis Logistics, in cooperation with the Union of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, carried food aid to Syrian victims of war free of charge.

Negmar Group CEO M. Serdar DURAN stated that they take care with social responsibility awareness as well as many advantages they offer to the consumer with their technological infrastructure, “It is impossible for companies that are not sensitive to social, cultural, economic and environmental issues to achieve sustainable growth. In this context; As Etis Logistics, one of our group companies, we not only content with the achievements we have achieved in the sector in which we operate, but also attach importance to projects that take into consideration the benefit of the society. Moreover, while hundreds of thousands of our Syrian brothers struggle for survival under difficult conditions, no organization can be expected to remain insensitive to these events. We will continue to be aware of our social responsibilities. In cooperation with the Union of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, 2 vehicle loaded with various foodstuffs from Ankara and 2 vehicle loaded with potatoes from Nevşehir, we reached Cilvegözü border gate, '' he said.

Tat Canned said 'Etis Logistics'

Tat Konserve has also added Etis Logistics to its portfolio of customers: Gübretaş, Nuh Çimento, Nuh Yapı and Tarım Kredi Yem. Canned Tata Karacabey Etis assumed the entire operation of the factory logistics, distribution realizes that all of Turkey from the factory. In addition, the amount of 2015 in 127.000 has reached 225.000 tons with this cooperation.

Negmar Group CEO M. Serdar DURAN, 2017 they will increase their productivity solutions they offer their share of the domestic market, said: "Turkey in the event of a logistics center as the location where, we Group Company Etis Logistics, we are planning to become a logistics center. Turkey in terms of the logistics industry have spent periods in 2016. This turbulent, chaotic situation in the region affected international markets, so we were also slightly affected. The logistics sector acts as a bridge directly connected with it, connecting the customer and the market. I think we still survived this process with minimal damage. With this stability; With our country, our economy and logistics sector will reach much better points.

Turkey has an important position in the context of international transport. This importance has become more valuable after the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was launched recently. On the other hand, with the completion of important projects such as the ongoing third airport, our country's geopolitical importance in the region will further increase. We would like to turn this into an advantage and introduce our international transportation activities as soon as possible. ”

Etis Logistics, one of the ambitious players of transportation, storage and terminal services and integrated logistics, continues to increase its activities with its main business partners by strengthening its position in land transportation.



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