Erdal Acar who died in a train accident in Adana was buried

Train Officer Erdal Acar, who died in the accident in Adana, was buried.

Died in the accident occurred in the town of Adana Karaisalı Train Officer Erdal Acar was buried in Pozantı.

In the town of Karaisalı yesterday, the brake was released as a result of the overthrow of the unimogin Train Station Officer Erdal acar and subcontractor Semih Tecan employees of the company today in the town of Pozanti, was buried by his family, business colleagues and lovers.

Pozantı Central Mosque in front of the funeral prayer was performed by the Governor of Pozanti Taner Tengir, Adana Province President Fikret Yeni, Pozanti Garrison Commander Mustafa Ozkan, Mayor Mahmut Sami Baysal and Adana Regional Forestry Director and TCDD staff and lovers.


A ceremony was held in front of Pozantı Station at noon today for Erdal Acar, who served as the Train Service Officer at the TCDD Pozantı Station Presidency.

The ceremony was attended by TCDD employees from Ankara and Adana and Pozantılılar.

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