Erciyes - Cappadocia Cultural Ski Tour

Erciyes - Cappadocia Cultural Ski Tour:'n Erciyes - Cappadocia Cultural Ski Tour tarih which presents history, culture, nature and winter sports together from Erciyes Ski Center es

Cappadocia and Erciyes Mountain, visited by 3 million tourists a year, started to take place in the same tourism package with the concept of Erc cultural skiing ile. Erciyes A.Ş. With the da Cultural Skiing iy concept developed by the package tours, tourists can spend the weekend in the unique geography of Cappadocia, while during the week they can ski at Erciyes Mountain with a height of 3 thousand 917 meters.

With the ok Cultural Skiing çıkart concept, first of all, in Erciyes, enjoy the powder snow which is the most ideal snow type for skiers and then in Cappadocia; Avanos, Paşabağ, Göreme, Uç Hisar, Güvercinlik Valley, Üç Güzeller, and Ürgüp are an unforgettable travel experience. While they are witnessing the remains of history in Cappadocia which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, they find the opportunity to see this unique geography from the sky with balloon pleasure. Erciyes Ski Center, with its world-class runways and technical facilities, offers skiing, snowboarding or alpine skiing. Erciyes, the world's most favorable snow-kite tracks in the world is attracting extremists from all over the world. Culture Ski, 99 awaits travel enthusiasts with prices starting from TL. The services included in the package include Erciyes - Cappadocia transportation, professional guidance and lunch.

Erciyes Ski Center, with Turkey's closest ski resort location and its proximity to Cappadocia, especially seeing great interest by college students. The 1 hourly flight to Istanbul makes Erciyes Ski Center very attractive for both local and foreign tourists. On the other hand, Erciyes Ski Center is located in Kayseri Airport, 25 minutes, 20 minutes to Kayseri city center and 45 minutes to Cappadocia.

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