Electric bus era begins in Istanbul

The era of electric buses begins in Istanbul: Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations General Directorate (IETT), total 200 Electric Bus Reception to the tender.

Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises General Directorate (IETT) is going to tender for the purchase of 200 electric buses.

The tender process for 103 single (solo) and 97 bellows electric bus was started by IETT.

The electric buses to be built on the metrobus line during the test runs will be presented throughout the city after the test.

The electric buses planned to be equipped with new technological features for passenger safety will be able to go 200 miles with the full battery. Solo buses 1 passengers, including 78 passengers, if the bellows 120 passenger capacity will be. The bus cabs of the buses will be manufactured from a completely protected glass cabinet. Thus, the possible interference of the passengers with the driver will be prevented.

Special design for the disabled

In the specification prepared for the purchase, electric buses were required to have a low base in order to facilitate the travel of disabled passengers. Electric trolleys with special ramps for disabled passengers will be able to lower at stops.

Charges and occupancy rates of the electric buses planned to be taken can be monitored remotely with electronic systems. The charge status of the bus can be seen from the controlled center. When the bus charging range falls below the 10 kilometer, it will warn the driver and the center to which it is connected. In this way, the bus is nearing the end of the battery will be avoided.

Technological bus

According to the technical specifications related to the buses, the electrical energy to be obtained by running the buses of the buses as generators will be able to provide braking by returning back to the drive batteries.

Electric vehicles will have a security camera and recording systems called “black box” that records data at the time of the accident. These systems can also be monitored remotely by the command center.

Buses will have an automatic fire extinguishing system against fire which may occur in engine or battery section. Electric buses will also offer free internet and mobile phone chargers.

According to the tender specifications, all buses and batteries will be guaranteed for 10 years. The sample buses will be tested by Beylikdüzü-Sögütlüçeşme Metrobus line for the test runs by the manufacturer.

Electric buses to be delivered first at the end of this year, 1 will be delivered with specific numbers during the year.

To reach the tender announcement CLICK HERE

Source : I www.trthaber.co

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  1. I'm already telling you the outcome of the tender Bozankaya receivables.