Batman Discounts Its University Students For Public Transport

batman municipality
batman municipality

Public Transportation Discount for University Students in Batman: Batman Municipality has reduced the bus fare tariff on the university line due to the economic burden on students.

The City Council 1 March 2017, which was chaired by Vice President AKSOY, concluded with the decision of 3-37 date that 1,50 TL student and 2.00 TL civilian fee tariff were added to the economic burden. For this reason, in order not to bring economic burden on students and civilians, the student fee tariff for 1,50 TL was reduced to 1.00 TL on all lines and the civil fee tariff for 2.00 TL was reduced to 1.25 TL on the university line. 5393 of the Municipal Law of the decision 15. Article (p) was adopted unanimously in accordance with the clause.

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