Akçaray Tram goes on its first voyage

Akçaray Tram went on its first voyage: The first test was carried out during the construction of the tramway. The first expedition in the night of Mehmet Ali Pasha was completed successfully

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the 596 day started before the promised 550 day work on the tram project can not be completed. Within the scope of the Akçaray project, tramway vehicles continued to be brought to our city.

The tram cars that came to our city started the test drive yesterday. The first test was completed successfully in the Mehmet Ali Pasha area where the line was completed.

Within the framework of the project, the 12 tramway vehicle will be purchased by the Metropolitan. A vehicle in the 5 module will be 33 meters long and will have the capacity of 294 passengers.

Source : I www.kocaelibarisgazetesi.co




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