There are situations in the 3.

There are situations that do not go on the rail at 3. The 2018 which was first announced in October 3 and then revised as February. As the date approached at the airport, concerns increased. Experts in the airport may not be opened on the target date, the EIA report delayed the construction of similar problems in the metro announced.

3 is scheduled to open its first stage in February of next year. There is concern about the transportation problem at the airport. Specialists claiming that the work on rail transport systems are progressing more slowly than expected, with 34 kilometers long Gayrettepe-New Airport and 31 kilometers long Halkalı- New Airport, including a total of 65 kilometers of planned rail system line construction is delayed. Experts evaluating the issue to the Decision, the first phase of the Gayrettepe-New Airport section of the project, EIA Certificate and feasibility studies of the work is completed late, so 3. the airport is at risk of being activated without a rail system. The decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the construction of this line by the Ministry was published in the Official Gazette on 1 September 2016. 3. airport rail system connection project is carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. City center with 3. The transportation between the airport will be 30 minutes with the metro line.

7 2014 based on 3 in June. hotels in the region with the airport, residential centers will be opened due to a large public transportation network will be needed. For this reason, timely completion of the metro network is critical both for the efficient use of the airport and for the healthy functioning of life in this region.

Contract for the construction of the 3rd airport and its operation for 25 years kazanAlthough IGA, established by the Limak-Cengiz-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, continues its construction works at full speed, there are concerns whether the first phase will be opened in February next year.

The official construction completion period was October 2018 and the project was inaugurated in February of the same year. But experts say the fact that the most efficient dates in the construction sector, the spring and summer months, have been lost due to a revision on the completion date of the project, and that the project could not be completed at the targeted date. IGA even behind the calendar, the units of operation due to this delay due to the units of work, the time of his salary workers can not get the job of slow-down workers are expressed.

  • The project area total 76,5 million square meters.
  • The first stage of the new airport is the size of the 3 floor of Atatürk Airport.
  • 90 will provide service to 200 million passengers when the project is completed.
  • The daily total aircraft movement capacity will be 3 bin 500.
  • Main terminal building construction area 1.3 million square meters.
  • 700 thousand square meters of multi-storey car park 18 bin car parking problems will not live.
  • The total indoor construction area is about 3.5 million square meters, which is approximately double that of Monaco's 1,7.
  • 1 million cubic meters of concrete in the terminal building will be used in this Empire State Building 1,4 solid.

  • In the terminal building, the 180 uses a thousand tons of iron, with which the 24 Eiffel Tower can be built.

  • Terminal roof area 450 thousand square meters of this area is the size of the Collonaum 23 in Italy.

  • Façade area of ​​the terminal 500 thousand square meters.

  • Annual passenger capacity 1. 90 million people annually in the final phase and 200 million people in the final phase.

  • 350 will fly to the destination.

  • this is the biggest construction site workers currently in Turkey. 13 thousand people working.

  • The vehicles working in the project burn a thousand liters of diesel fuel per day.

  • When opened, the third airport in Istanbul, 100, will provide new jobs to a thousand people, and indirectly, 1,5 will be a source of income for millions of people.


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