Training of the Drivers of MOTAŞ Continues

MOTAŞ Trainers Continues: MOTAŞ AŞ continues its trainings in order to provide a more efficient public transport service in a healthier environment, in less time.

In the training program held in the Conference Hall of the Municipality of Malatya, the Activity Report regarding the year 2016 was transferred by the Management Directorate.

Firstly, the drivers should be informed about the issues to be taken into consideration while conducting public transportation service and the maximum sensitivities they should show when communicating with passengers; Olun Always be a compromise pro. When contacting passengers, avoid discussing with passengers who want to discuss and prefer to compromise ”.

The report includes the following headings:

Passengers transported, accidents occurring and feedback from the company through various channels.

The number of flights planned to meet the increased passenger potential compared to the previous year was realized as close to one hundred percent, and it was underlined that this was a great success even above the rail systems.

Accidents occurred in other years compared to the other was taken down quite expressed. In order to achieve such a result, it was stated that regular trainings and devoted efforts of the drivers were effective.

According to the results received from the feedback which has a great impact on the referring point of the Authority, it is seen that the satisfaction of public transportation service increases with each passing day. However, it was underlined that this should be carried further.

Then the workshop master gave information about the correct use of the tools. In the presentation, information on safe and efficient driving techniques was also shared and the necessary steps for correct detection and timely intervention of the failures were shared with the drivers.


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