The promise of this period, the train of commuter

Our city from Ak Partililer has listened to great projects and great promises.

We saw incredible models. If half of the promises given to this city since the 2002 and before the referendum were held, today our city would be the most modern, most beautiful, most comfortable city in the world.

Actually, there was money. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, since 2004 has used extraordinary powers and money. But no matter what anyone says. Ak Party members in their own meetings how much ya We have revived this city “they boast if they boast. Kocaeli, the remaining 10-15 declined in the year. The quality of life of this city was reduced. The culture of this city has changed. Living in this city has become much more troublesome and difficult than before. This city's lights are out.

Let me remind you that every general and local election to this city is a very small part of the remarks of the AK Party officials and candidates before each referendum:

. D-100 highway will be taken from Köseköy to Yenimahalle tunnel. The railroad will pass through the tunnel along with the highway. . The pedestrian descended from the top of Fethiye Street will go down to the seaside without hesitation. Fethiye
”A monorail system will be installed for public transport,“ they said.
Geçen The part of the D-130 Highway passing through Gölcük will be overtaken by sunk-output “.
Iler Universiad-2017 Olympics will be held in Kocaeli, “they said.
"Very modern, very large congress and culture palace will be made," they said.
They said, g The plane will go anywhere from the airport. “
More promises. Of course, they did well in this period. They made treatment plants. They renewed the infrastructure. They planted many trees. But they destroyed the fair. They filled the Gulf for the harbor. They allowed new logistics centers, new factories.

This city always gave the AK Party. Not because they believe in their promises. Recep Tayyip gave Erdogan because he loved. General election, local election, referendum. AK Party received more votes than the average in all of Kocaeli in Turkey. But he did not fulfill his promises.

Now 16 has a referendum on April that is very important for the AK Party and its future. There is no doubt that during this period, the AK Party's Kocaeli 1 number is the National Defense Minister Fikri Işık. Light is not a politician who casts such a sacrifice and promises his works. 16 There is a concrete promise before the people of Kocaeli before April. I got it on tape. Işık, 10 from April, the suburban trains on the same route between Pendik-Adapazarı and the 4 voyages on a daily basis, announced that the 8 will travel on the same route.

This is an important development. I believe that there will be an increase in the number of high speed train services between Istanbul and Ankara these days. Light, the increase in the number of commuter trains, while now, these trains will also stop at Yarimca and Hereke'de announced. More importantly, “The signaling work is finished. In 2018, suburban trains will go back to Haydarpaşa. X

These are important promises, 16 In April, I don't know how to get the result. But the airport and airplanes that have been promised so many years, this city, the AK Party, whatever you want, but could not get what you expect. We didn't have an airplane, so we have plenty of train ım

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