Syrian woman killed by train in Osmaniye

Syrian woman who was hit by a train in Osmaniye lost her life: 73-year-old Syrian Mary Dertviş, who was hit by a train at a level crossing in Osmaniye, died

According to information received, the accident occurred at the junction of the Regional Boarding School Remzi Ozer Alahanli Street Yildirim Beyazit neighborhood at the time 20.30.

Syrian Virgin Mary Derviş (73) lost her balance on the rails by passing the level crossing near the Remzi Özer Boarding Regional School in Yıldırım Beyazıt Neighborhood. The old woman who could not stand up was anchored by the passenger train 61608, which was used by the mechanic Barış Ü. who made the Mersin-İslahiye flight.

The medical teams who came to the scene after the accident determined that the old woman died. Dertviş's body was removed to the morgue of Osmaniye State Hospital. The train with passengers was taken from the scene to the train station. The police, who took his sweat machinists to the police station for the statement, continues to investigate the accident.

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