Chairman Türel wanted customer satisfaction from transportation trades

President Türel asked the transportation tradesmen for customer satisfaction: President Türel, addressing the transportation tradesmen, emphasized the importance of citizen satisfaction and said, "If the public's satisfaction is not in question in your work, believe me, you are cutting the branch you are on. It is not sustainable to act with an understanding that will not please the citizens," he said. Emphasizing that he is an artisan friend in essence, not in word, Türel said, “The tradesmen are kazanIt is my priority,” he said.

Metropolitan Municipality organized personal development training for transportation tradesmen. Glass Pyramid in Turkey's most famous personal development expert and life coach with shopkeepers from the training provided by Saban Kızıldağ Mayor Menderes Turel was also involved. Türel, the shopkeepers showed great interest before the training trades to shopkeepers. Tür My colleagues are working, el said President Türel, ”you perform a very important task. By carrying our people in the public transportation of Antalya, you are doing a very good service. Believing that human beings are beneficial to human beings. We didn't hesitate to go on this journey with you. We always said that we will walk arm-to-shoulder with our shopkeepers. Our most important expectation is sincerity and mutual trust. Unfortunately, if there is no trust in the meantime, there are problems when you reach the destination in a beautiful way at the end of the road. But we believe in you, we trust, Ama he said.

Emphasizing that he is a tradesman friend in essence, not in word, Türel said: “It is easy to say that I am a tradesman friend and leave. But it is necessary to do what you say in this podium. And here we want to walk arm in arm with our chauffeurs' room, our servicemen's room, our transport shopkeepers and our bus operators' room. From time to time, this unity and solidarity with the servicemen's room and the chauffeurs' room also causes criticism. It is said that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality is looking into the mouths of the heads of the chambers. Yes, whose mouth would I look for? I respect the opinions of whoever is the representative of this tradesman. until when? Until there are chamber presidents trying to get by on the tradesmen, I say stop to them. Then, unfortunately, you will not have a chance to take the issue sustainable. I'll do it for you too. We take every step we take for you. I know very well that if you are not satisfied with this system, this system will not work well. Of course the tradesman kazanwill ache. Small business kazanso that the citizens will be satisfied, they will not be mistreated by the tradesmen. Therefore, the tradesmen kazancost is my priority.”

Noting that the right steps taken were better understood later on, Chairman Menderes Türel continued as follows: “When I switched to the smart card application, you all turned against me. And I have been subjected to slanders that I have no right to. Unfortunately, the scale of these slanders continued mercilessly until I became the secret owner of the current card system. What happened, the day has passed, the time has turned. After me, someone paid trillions from the municipal coffers to the company you call me your secret partner, from the public coffers. Now I am trying to get that money back. After all, time has passed. After losing the election and intervening for 5 years, you all came with your chamber presidents. Oh, president, you told us to bring the smart card application again. What happened? Time shows the truth and the truth. And even the stopped clock is right twice a day. Time is the medicine of truth. Although unfair criticisms were made to me, because of his smart card, you later came to want this in the most violent way. Because when you use it, you see the benefit. Happened to me on the rail system as well. That's why I say Antalya kazanjust in case I'm willing to lose. What I believe to be true may not be understood today, but one day it will. That's why I don't give up on what I believe to be true. It doesn't matter if I am not understood today, but if I am sure that one day I will be understood, no one can stop me from that path.”

"You are actually a municipality official with a special status," said Türel, adding: "The more successful you are in your job, the more it will benefit you the most. If the satisfaction of the people is not in question in your work, you believe that you are cutting the branch you are on. Every ill-treatment you do to a citizen will be returned to you negatively. And if the citizen is not satisfied and moves away from public transportation, is it possible for us to take it with a loss-making system? Is it possible for you to migrate a damaging system? This ill-treatment leads to different pursuits in the eyes of the citizens. The rule of trade is that the profit-making shop grows, the loss-making shop closes its shutters. that's why i'm yours kazanI want your man so much. I sleep with your account every day. who how much kazanwe know one by one. I know best that the system will not continue after your loss. I come from the trade. Ha municipality carries it at a loss with its own bus. The municipality has no interest in making a profit. The municipality is the service sector, our profit is citizen satisfaction. But your wife is both the bread you take when you go home in the evening and the satisfaction of the citizens. If one of the two does not exist, the other does not exist. If the citizens are not satisfied, you will be out of bread. If our bus owner cannot convince his driver to provide the best service to the citizens, he will suffer the most.”

Mr. Türel stated that today 330 has benefited from the public transportation in Antalya and continued his words as follows: Now 330 came to the thousands. The number of citizens that we have to carry in public transportation in Antalya today should be over 500 thousand. We will do this with you, I have no hesitation in this matter. We must work with this responsibility, remembering that the customer is our bread, without forgetting that the customer is a benefactor. Do you think that we enjoy the rules that we bring you enjoy when you do not. But if we don't have the discipline, the 500 person will make the same mistake. UM

Underlining that no concessions will be made to those who do not abide by the rules, President Türel said, “Nobody should come to me who missed the line. Because of the bus that missed that line, hundreds of citizens are waiting for him at the bus stop. He did not take the citizen because he was old, why does he not pay the price? Tomorrow you will be over 65. Isn't it a pity? While we were being trained to give our place to the elderly in primary school years, now we leave him at the bus stop because he does not pay. I'm speaking frankly, it's inhumane. When I see those aunts and uncles, I take their arm and take them to their destination. Our state pays a price for this, it pays less, it pays more, but it also pays a price. Of course, it is possible to develop this in different ways. Now we are working on that too. There is also a study on this in Ankara. Customer satisfaction is essential in this business. If we cannot satisfy the customers, you will lose if those customers do not get into your cars. This business is "Win win" as foreigners say. kazan kazan walk on the basis. But if you do not act by thinking of us while we are acting with this much thought of you on the one hand, the end of that road is dark, my friends. I say let our path be bright. I am patient for this. For this, I take the risk that if I lose in any way, I will agree. It's because I want to continue this journey with you until the end."

Thanks to public transport buses from minibuses exchange trades of Antalya in Turkey, indicating that the most uneventful and the city Turel, said: "I thank you all. God bless you all. I submit your right. This is because of you. And I'm telling you in the cities I'm going to take. Thanks to the tradesman of Antalya, we have succeeded in this transformation. It is a revolution. Bir

Stressing that there is no such thing as minibus transportation anywhere else in the world, President Menderes Türel continued: in Are you accustomed to yourself by driving a minibus or by calling you a bus driver? Is it nice to own a bus, to own a bus? So this system is now in the world. Our goal is to carry more passengers. Look, I have accepted every request from you in this process of change. We extended the time to 3 times. Then I looked at the end of this period of extension request 50 year after the end of a stop to stop. But if you missed the time to say goodbye, we did not say in the system. We'll still get it if it's coming. Our problem is not to throw anyone away. Including everyone in the system. Whoever comes, let him come today and come tomorrow. But there is a legal period. 6 is not more than a month, it is not what we have. But no matter how much the law permits, we said to the bride. Zaman

“I used to worry about money from this business kazanPresident Türel said, "Now, I hope you can save money," said President Türel, saying: kazanwe will make it clear. Then what will be the plate values? Good luck to car owners, but how can the value of something increase with customer satisfaction. If you provide this kazanmoment you are. As a result, we are talking about 400-500 buses today. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has the economic power to buy 400-500 vehicles. But I didn't think about it for a day, I don't, and I never will. As long as you provide customer satisfaction, but if there is no customer satisfaction, it will not continue like this.

President Türel, who asked the transport tradesmen not to make politics inside the vehicle, said: ey If you are aware 16 I have a referendum in April. I shared my convictions about the referendum. But I didn't get into these things here. Why didn't I? In the car you do not politics. I follow every car from my ipad instantly. I hit the plate. Somebody's spying on you so be aware. I also hear the driver talking. Now the president says I'm gonna set up a telephone system. And if he's found him, I'm gonna tell the chauffeur to do brothers. I know now what I'm talking about. I follow everything. Why is that? Friends to keep the system running regularly. Or I don't have enough free time to follow you. I'm looking at my free time. What's going on is what's in the car. Is the citizen satisfied? Ac

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