Eskişehir aims to be a design, R & D and production base in rail systems

Eskişehir aims to be a design, R & D and production base in rail systems: The Eskişehir industry wants to have a say in the rail systems sector, where important investment plans are made in our country and in the world with its knowledge, technology and production capabilities.

Eskişehir industry, significant investment plans in the near future in Turkey and has made rail information systems field in the world, to share their technology and manufacturing capabilities wish to take part.

Rail systems sector was discussed at a meeting organized by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) at DÜNYA Newspaper. DÜNYA newspaper Editor-in-Chief Hakan Güldağ also attended the meeting moderated by DÜNYA newspaper writer Rüştü Bozkurt.

At the meeting of the city information industry, technology and manufacturing capabilities of the rail system in Turkey in the area and have a say in that request came to the fore in the market of the world. Eskişehir industry is highly competitive in the production of high value-added products, with high technology, and it should be noted that the city should have design, R & D and production base in the field of rail systems. Sectoral representatives have common problems; while bureaucratic obstacles and qualified workforce, they emphasized the need to support rail systems as national projects. The world's most advanced testing equipped with the device, and when completed investment value will reach 1 billion pounds National Rail Systems Testing and Research Center (URAYS I) Eskişehir and a large gain which stated that representatives of the sector for Turkey, large urban industry in R & D and testing centers they stressed that they will gain momentum.

In the field of rail systems, the main industries should be made autonomous and they should be managed as a company and they should be directed to sub-industries. Underscored the need to be directed towards the state encourages the rail given to the systems sector draws industry representatives, Turkey is in the export of the output path of increasing exports and acquisition of key freight charges competitiveness in the international arena, they noted that reduction.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President SAVAŞ M. ÖZAYDEMİR
We must act for the sector because other countries are running

one of Turkey's oldest and largest industry was founded in rail sector. In the first years of the Republic of Eskişehir, three main industries such as Air Supply Maintenance Center, Sugar Factory and Tülomsaş were established. These organizations contributed to the city's health, culture, art and sport activities as well as providing employment and added value. At the same time, they became organizations that train their staff with the educational institutions they established. These main industries formed their sub-industries over time and played an important role in the development of the urban economy. Since the 1950's abandonment of the railway in the country was returned to land transportation. In recent years, railway transportation has been recognized to be advantageous in terms of industry, living standards and costs. The obsolete infrastructure of the railways required the need for a revision in the whole country. Now he needs a car to be used on railways. These tools are being imported. We prefer imported vehicles due to lack of resources. We understand that we are late for this sector. We didn't have money in the past, do we have it now? If we are investing in the railways sector, we want to do it ourselves. We'il find out. We'il start by squeezing the bolts. If we do not prefer, we will begin as a partnership with foreigners. I think we will be able to close the gap if we keep our hands on design or in production. The main industry Tülomsaş, which will manage this business, opens a tender for the goods, it takes a very long time to buy the goods and pay the money. This is also the case in the market. My suggestion is autonomy in this sector. We need to accelerate with this autonomy. We have a company like TEI here. 3-4 makes the annual planning, fixes the prices, produces and produces the product on the day. In this sector, we see many veterans who are competing with each other. We see that the people who enter the cheap price each time get out of harm. If Tülomsaş is to manage this business, a joint-stock company makes long-term agreements such as an autonomous company. Design is a must. The foundation of URAYSIM, which emerged as an idea in 2008, could have been laid in 2016, there was no need for money because the university had its source. 8 year is a very long time to come to the ground-breaking stage. Work does not worry about the vote. The whole issue was the permission of the Ministry of Development.

In Tülomsaş we can do 1000 locomotives, but we still get trains from outside, they take credit from them. We need to do this ourselves, and we have to work like craftsmen. It was the design, the partnership, the foreigners will come, and they will say, 'Let us make this a joint. Let's design, send parts, then your skill increases'. The same was done in 1955. You've developed a lot of skills, you've become able to do it, but no resources. We have to create our own resources. Private enterprise locomotive can not take the wagon. But why not. 1950'ler starting from the tire wheeled vehicle policy was not followed. We need to take action about this sector because other countries are running.

Rail Systems Cluster Chairman / Savronik YKB KENAN IŞIK
URAYSİM will be the most advanced test center in the world

Turkey's starting to work in a cluster of Eskisehir on rail systems in critical sectors Rail Systems Cluster the life we ​​had. The advantage of Eskişehir is that it is a very old industry in rail systems and has a machine manufacturing industry focused on this sector. In recent years, the transportation sector has gained importance, while the railway sector has become the most prominent. There are significant developments in the world markets, serious investments, and in the future both freight and passenger transport will be mainly on the railway. In our country, the last 10 has made significant investments in this area. one of Turkey's most important goals are also export target. If we are to have democracy and peace, we will be economically empowered. For this, we need to reach big markets. We will also produce for this export target, we will sell out. The importance of Eskişehir comes from Tülomsaş and it is the locomotive of the sector. We're going to have to be a wagon behind this, move it to an ecosystem. 100 Tülomsaş doesn't produce only under maintenance, operation, license. We reduced Turkey's first indigenous Tulomsas rail locomotives produced in the past year. After that we need serious change, restructuring. We have to create an ecosystem of suppliers, manufacturers, supplier industry, universities, and work within this ecosystem. The starting point is product projects. First is to make the product, then make the platform. For Eskişehir, the platform is the locomotive and the high speed train sets. Targeted, we're going faster than we thought.

We are also ready as industry and universities. Government incentives should be channeled correctly. Infrastructure, incentives, as overseas marketing systems. We have to share our experience in the defense industry. The only tender is the 100 YHT set for the 5 billion dollar figure. When we produce these fast train sets, we have the possibility to sell it. First we will focus on the design and increase our design capability. We are working on a model to build a design center. After ensuring its sustainability, we should put technology and R & D right under it. Then the locomotive will pull the wagons, there is a locomotive in front, we have a wagon short. In the rail systems sector, testing and certification has become as important as selling the product. URAYSİM will be the most advanced test center in the world with its capabilities. The most basic capital is human resources.

Esray Chairman of the Board / Vice President of Rail Systems RAMAZAN YANAR
TCDD's wagons and locomotives should be sold to private sector at fair value

There is a very strong highway in Turkey. There are many drawbacks to the failure of the railway to be the geographic reasons. You have to climb or descend from zero altitude since there are three sides of the sea. The fact that our industry is gathered in Marmara is one of the factors. Costs are advantageous if there is a reciprocal load in 400 km distances in rail transport. Due to the fact that the cargoes were collected in Marmara and Aegean, there is a problem. Therefore, the companies that invest in the railway logistics area are difficult to work. Turkey is one of the causes of road development in the informal supply. This is the opposite of the railway. Therefore, the private sector avoided the railway. Freight affects the cost of the product we consume at least 25. To compete with world freight rates, you need to have world-class transport modes. Among the transport modes the railway has significant advantages. In our country, after the 1950, the railway has been moved away due to the lack of investment. Currently, the 4 of the load is transported by rail near the passenger's 8. Future expectation is to increase the load to 15 and the passenger to 20. xnumx't to the 2023 550 billion dollars export target of Turkey thousand freight cars, locomotives need thousands.

We have a production capacity of one thousand 500 wagons per year in the production of freight wagons. We need an increase in the production capacity of the railway. Let me give you the following example to explain the advantage of the railway; When you plan a 500 trip between Ankara and Eskişehir, you can organize the 12 bus by paying 5 thousand TL fuel. If you do it by rail, you can move this 380 person by paying an 500 TL electric energy fee. You can produce electricity in some way, but you can't produce oil. The damage to the environment is presented to your discretion. In order to be competitive in freight and passenger transport in railways, the private sector needs to be integrated into the freight and passenger side. Currently, TCDD is divided into two by liberalization. TCDD Infrastructure and TCDD Transportation Inc. was our. We transferred the moving vehicles to. Legislation and regulations in the field of operation have started to be put into operation between the private sector and Taşımacılık AŞ. However, serious tensions are experienced with private sector representatives due to heavy economic burdens and unrealistic targets of Taşımacılık AŞ. The already weak private sector is very difficult. If this situation cannot be managed correctly, the domestic private sector will disappear. TCDD Transport can also not compete with the current situation. We cannot develop the railway sector and leave to foreign companies together.

Let me summarize what needs to be done to improve the railway sector. The wagons and locomotives owned by TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. should be sold to the private sector representatives at fair value and with appropriate maturities. Partnerships with the private sector should be established through investment and technology transfer commitments of affiliates such as Tülemsaş, Tüdemsaş and Tüvasaş. TCDD should be made competitive by establishing partnership with private logistics companies in the world in its field. Support should be given to R & D and test centers in order to compete with the railway producers in the private sector. All kinds of railway transportation should be supported by the logistics village, port, handling facilities. Our only output as a country is exports, and the remedy to increase this is the area of ​​freight, which is our margin. We have to use transport modes effectively.

Tülomsaş General Manager HAYRİ AVCI
Tülomsaş was able to produce the appropriate wagon for what to transport

I think that more contribution should be given to criticism about the structuring of railways. As we are on the production side of the business, we know how difficult this process is. Eskişehir is a city where the fate of the railway and the fate of the railroad coincide. Tülomsaş has delivered all the tasks he promised in his history. The ones who were late, spread over time. In 1958, for example, Karakurt locomotive was promised and built. Again a similar assignment was made in the Revolutionary car, which was done in time. Now in 2005, the goal of producing high-speed trains in front of Tülomsaş is implemented. From the year of 2005 we started to work on a visionary work plan. 10 made an annual plan and put it into practice, we fit the plan. We also handled our factory as industry-based factories. Looking at the situation in the world and our country, we looked at how we can contribute to production and employment. 6 has been established to produce different products. In other countries, each of them is in a different city. Together in Eskişehir. We have structured these products by handing them as one sector.

We wanted to be a product of our own and now Tülomsaş will be able to produce the appropriate wagon for what to transport. 850 horsepower 6 cylinder, marine and energy used engine production. We continue to produce the traction motor used in Marmaray vehicles. In short, what is targeted can be structured according to it. In the last 10 year, Tülomsaş contributed to the production of wagons. These factories in every region of Turkey can do now export cars in Europe and the United States. There is a great development in the railway field. Tülomsaş is now working on a project-oriented basis. What we need is education, patience and work.

Universities aim to increase added value in the sector

Rector of the University Dr. Contact HASAN directly
We aim to be the interface of the sector's stakeholders

As Osmangazi University, one of our goals is to become a regional university. In addition to the educational needs of the region, it is to determine the needs of the industry and to contribute with the scientific knowledge. We will also be in the design center planned to be established in Eskişehir. In this design center, we will be in cooperation with all urban dynamics. We organized different training programs with Tülomsaş. At present, we have cooperation in our graduate and doctoral programs. It is one of our purposes to increase the added value in the rail systems sector. If we are to achieve the 2023 targets, we need to increase the export value of 1.5 to 5 dollars. This can be achieved with a strong design and original production. As a university, we aim to be an interface between the stakeholders of the sector. In our university, related departments are conducting scientific studies on the subjects related to the sector and on the subjects demanded by the sector. As a result of these studies, it is offered to the sector within the framework of university-industry cooperation. We are in close cooperation with the University in cooperation with the Rail Systems Cluster. Rail systems sector has been late enough. The recommendations of sector representatives should be taken into consideration. Positive approach to universities and scientific accumulation can be considered as a beginning. Once upon a time, half of Turkey's national income industries appear to create science cities compared to developed countries.

Osmangazi University Technology Transfer Office Director Dr. AHMET ÇABUK
Companies find application area with technopark

Arrangements for university faculty members to work in the sector gave positive results. If our members in the rail systems cluster build more R & D centers, our projects will become even stronger. In these R & D centers, I think that positive studies will arise if more academicians are requested. We want to be a player of the team rather than being an interface between the university and the technology transfer office. In the countries where the rail system sector develops in the world, we see that the software is developing first. After a step, the health sector is developing. In addition to the important scientific accumulation in the fields of software and health, companies also find application areas through technopark.

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. View NACİ's Full Profile
URAYSIM must have a special test center

also a reason for the absence of the desired level of railways in Turkey I think that universities. When we started to work on URAYSIM, we have seen that the number of academics related to railways in our country is very low. As Anadolu University, we are both in the field of aviation and rail systems. In order to overcome the problem of trained staff, we sent our faculty members to doctoral programs abroad. They have begun to complete their scientific studies in different countries of the world. We will implement graduate programs in our university.

On the one hand, we are working in collaboration with Tülomsaş in the field of application. We also have students at the Porsuk Vocational High School in the sector and aim to increase the professional equipment of these students. At the same time, as an R & D center to operate as a very important project URAYSIM. 5 has laid the foundation on 14 in July last year, after construction exceeding many important bureaucratic obstacles. A project with a budget of 428 million TL and all of our universities meet. We expect the total investment amount to exceed 1 billion liras. Constructions such as building infrastructure and training facility continue. Test path projects completed. Both high-speed train and conventional and in-city lines will be run on the test path of vehicles. We have come to the stage of bidding on the purchase of test equipment. When Tülomsaş completes the YHT production project and reduces it to rails, we plan to carry out the tests at URAYSİM. We want to complete this work until 2020. We do not want the status of URAYSİM to be an ordinary research center. We want to have a special status test center that will employ private personnel. We have no problems at the local level, we have very important cooperation. We are awaiting support from Ankara for our project. I have to say that it is especially busy bureaucracy. We support scientific research projects that will contribute to the development of the railway systems sector as a university.

Vice Rector of Anadolu University Dr. ALI SAVAŞ KOPARAL
Vocational high schools should be opened according to the needs of industry

I believe that the press is an important task for URAYSİM and other projects in order to get the right information. Our industrialist needs qualified labor. I think it would be appropriate to open vocational high schools according to the needs of industrial organizations in that city. It is important to open educational institutions providing education according to the needs of industry. It can be channeled to the vocational high school or engineering branches of the students.

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