Eastern Black Sea will benefit from high speed train

Eastern Black Sea will benefit from the high speed train: Nurettin Canikli, Eastern Black Sea provinces Samsun, Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon will benefit from the rapid train, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli, who visited Ordu for a series of visits, meetings and meetings, stated that they had been working on the development of high-speed train from the Eastern Black Sea coastal provinces. un able to benefit from the possibility of high-speed train said.

Canikli said, “Now there are two main debates here. Should the high-speed train pass the coast road or connect vertically to the provincial centers? They both have pros and cons. Especially at the point where the high speed train passes through the coast, we have citizens who are environmentally sensitive. There are opinions that the environment will deteriorate on the line where the high speed train will pass. These are not unfair. ”

Canikli finished his words as follows:
“It is not possible for a high-speed train to pass through settlements once. Here two situations arise that cannot be overcome. Both victimization and cost arise. Our biggest asset as our region is our beach. We need to protect our beach. Let's not break one side while making one side. My personal preference is not to use the beach. To realize the high speed train line vertically. In general, it seems to be a more accurate choice. In the future, technology changes, other systems and models emerge, and if there are some changes that will minimize environmental damage, it is talked about but as of now, the most accurate is the vertical transition. ”

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