3.havalimanı increases housing prices above 70

3.havalimanı increased housing prices above 70: The Turkish Real Estate Index es According to January data, the square meter prices of the houses for sale in the regions affected by the 3.

Real Estate's 2017 Property Index 3 according to January, 72. in the airport route in the last three years up to 3'ye increased prices in the last three years. The increase in rented houses was less. Square meter prices in the district have increased by 72,2 and reached TL 2.612.

In Çatalca, the last 3 has increased by 55.7 per annum and the average square meter price has been determined as 2.223 TL. The square meter prices in the rental housing in the district increased by 35.8 and the average 8 was TL.

In Eyüp, another district where 3.havalima passes, square meter prices in residential properties have increased by 3 to 50.2 in the last 5.437 year. The average price of square meters for rented houses was 11.5 with 17.

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