2020 will bring female technical roles to 20.000 by XNUMX

By 2020 20.000 will bring female technical roles to the XNUMX: The digital revolution in the industry requires technology companies to take advantage of the entire pool of skills to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

This can be an economic imperative, and the elimination of gender disparity could close the workforce gap of 10 million in technical and engineering areas by increasing the GDP by 2.

Data show that women are still largely underrepresented. 13-24 is the percentage of women who work globally in information technologies and engineering positions, while only 17-30 of these women can rise to senior management positions.

Until 2020, General Electric (GE) has announced that 20 will be deploying a thousand women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) roles in GE, and is planning a 50-50 representation rate for women and men for all initial technical development programs. The program will significantly increase the level of women's representation in engineering, production, information technologies and product management roles at GE. The company says that this strategy is a necessity for future transformation into a digital industry company.

GE has highlighted the global economic prospects of eliminating gender imbalance across the industry. The important results in the report are as follows:

Women are still under-represented in the technology sector. 13-24 is the percentage of women who work globally in information technologies and engineering positions, while only 17-30 of these women can rise to senior management positions.

While the number of women attending higher education is higher than that of men (55 percent, 45 percent), the proportion of women drops significantly when it comes to STEM education.

According to the results of the survey conducted among the 5 bin 500 women in the US, the 40 of women who have an engineering degree is leaving the profession or never doing their job.

According to the OECD, the elimination of gender distinction can increase GDP by 2030 by 10. Another study shows that companies with broader gender diversity perform better by a percentage of 53 than non-owners, while their equity rate of return is 35 and their total earnings increase by 34. In addition, MIT economists argue that achieving gender change within the workforce can increase revenues by a percentage of 41.

GE Chief Economist Marco Annunziata made the following assessment. Im As long as we do not bring more women to technology and production areas, this will continue to have a negative impact on the sector. This is a problem that the business community needs to address effectively. Bu

GE Turkey Administrative Board, President and General Manager Can M. Özsoy, said GE's globally that they were quite excited about the initiatives announced, the work they have begun about my STEM in Turkey, underlined that they will further move with this strategy.

Özsoy: yakın GE made this strategy valid for all the countries in which it operates and determined it as a performance target and followed closely. Turkey also within the scope of the industry began in the digital conversion process, high technology, smart factories and fields of scientific study comes to the fore going. These environments are becoming the preferred career field for women as well as for men. Bu

While working in technical roles at GE as a global 11 percent share in the total labor force of women, GA Turkey at such a high level 22 percent.

GE Turkey R & D employees in the female employment continued its upward trend in the year 2016. In 2016, according to 2015, women's employment in R & D has increased by about 17. 2016 was employed by 40 in this area.

GE's holistic approach outlines some important actions to be taken. Among these actions are the establishment of a High Technology Advisory Council to identify forward-looking women's retention strategies, such as career review and promotion of the portfolio of candidates with a master's degree in business development, with a view to focusing on digital industrial competencies. GE will also continue to evaluate, explore and implement employee programs and social assistance that promote a fair and inclusive culture that will enhance all employees.



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