They Enjoyed Erciyes

They Enjoyed Erciyes: Erciyes, which has become a world-class winter tourism center with the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, and has made a name for itself with national and international events in recent years, makes everyone admire it.

Lately, his beautiful event with Turkey and the world and attracts the attention of visitors every week blockbuster Erciyes welcomes famous names with different activities. Famous names who came to Kayseri for the Jump and Freeze event organized for this purpose at the weekend stated that Erciyes was a very peaceful and pleasant place.

Famous names who are successful in their fields in their work expressed the following views about Erciyes:


Ferman Akgül (Artist): “I came to Erciyes many times, probably Kayseri was the tenth time and I gave my fourth concert in Erciyes. I always write this when I come here, maybe it may be due to my being from Inner Anatolia. I feel so peaceful. Mountain air can also be effective. I love Erciyes and Kayseri, I have many friends here. This type of organization gets much better over the years. I would like to thank Red Bull and the municipality. Now you are bringing the world championship here soon. We congratulate. We wholeheartedly support. "


Irmak Kazuk (Sports Presenter): “Erciyes was enormous, in a word, very enjoyable and beautiful. This is a natural wonder place, where people find the opportunity to do all kinds of winter sports in the best possible way. I had come to Erciyes before for the shooting of the program. There is a very nice crowd. I was predicting it would be crowded anyway. Because last year we had trouble shooting programs, it was that crowded. Of course, it is even better to be crowded today, we had a very enjoyable time. We should thank everyone in Kayseri who provided this event, starting with the Municipality. "


Merve Oflaz (Artist): “It was very enjoyable, I have followed it before, but it was very enjoyable to be here. I always preferred to give high scores in the competition. Because it's easy to watch while actually sitting but in this cold they jumped into the icy water. Every jump makes me twinkle, but I really enjoyed it. I come to Kayseri to ski whenever I find the opportunity. Winter tourism is really good. We love Kayseri, everything is very good. "


Yunus Günçe (Artist): “I am coming to Erciyes for the first time. I've been to Kayseri before, but it means that it is up to today to go to Erciyes. This place is very beautiful, I liked the interest of people especially in winter sports. I saw young and young people here. They take their snowboards, get on the bus, go up the mountain and ski. These are good things. The fact that such things are happening in our country really makes me proud. If we go to the organization, it was very nice, it was fun. Our aim was to have fun and entertain. I think everyone watching had their fair share of fun. Consequently, we will return to Istanbul with the joy and rightful pride of doing our job. It is very important for me to go to different places from Istanbul. I hope to come to Kayseri again. When we let go of the noise and focus on things like that, events like this happen on their own. Because there is everything needed in this country. "

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