Transportation Park's Hygiene, Cleaning Teams

Transportation Park's Hygiene, Safety for Cleaning Teams: One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. The cleaning of municipal buses in Kocaeli will be carried out by teams. Transportation The cleaning team created by Park will intervene in vehicles where they are located.


Transportation The cleaning team, created by crews, immediately arrives at the area where the vehicle has lowered the passengers to clear the vehicles in case of emergency. The vehicle, which reaches to the vehicle, disinfects the pollution in the vehicle together with the cleaning materials and makes it ready for the journey again. The vehicle does not undergo any economic loss.


Speaking at the publicity program held in TransportationPark A.Ş. Yasin Özlü, General Manager, said: içerisinde Our vehicles, especially our busy vehicles, need cleaning during the day. The vehicle to be cleaned was replaced with a new one. This caused both time and material loss. In order to prevent this and to provide a more comfortable journey for our guests, we realized our work and established our team. Now we decided to carry out the cleaning of our vehicles in this way, '' he said.


In his speech, the cleaning team, giving information about how to proceed Özlü, '' for example, depending on the passenger density of our vehicles during the day was dirty during the trip. We learn this through our driver and send our teams to the last stop of the vehicle. The bus that meets here with the team firstly completes the flight by downloading our passengers and then it is cleaned in detail for the vehicle. After the process of cleaning our vehicle in the area where the new guests continue, '' he said.


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