Turkish cosmonaut tested Yunuseli Airport

The Turkish cosmonaut has tested the Yunuseli Airport: the first Turkish cosmonaut Durskir Duran tested the Yunuseli Airport. Reysaş Investment Holding A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors, the plane from Istanbul, 14 self-arrival in the minute came to Bursa Yunuseli Airport landed.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'nin under the leadership of the activities of the Metropolitan Municipality by the 16 year after the opening service again Yunuseli Airport, the aviation sector has been activated. Yunuseli Airport, where the aviation companies have shown great interest to provide services, is today the first Turkish cosmonaut to be launched, Reysaş Yatırım Holding A.Ş. The Chairman of the Board of Directors hosted Durmuş Döven. From the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, he arrived in Bursa, where he arrived at the 14 in minute flight with his plane TC - REY.

“I came here using my own plane“
Reysaş Logistics Owner Dogan, who came to the city to make a short trip back to Istanbul and tested Yunuseli Airport with his own plane, said: a I was very proud of being the first person to come to Bursa Airport. Whoever did this has to thank hundreds of thousands. Sometimes we came from Istanbul to Yenişehir, but we called Bursa there. People said, "Is there an airport in Bursa?" We were staying. Now I'm really happy to see an airport in Bursa. Many years ago, someone thought of a positive movement, but it was not used now I have used with pride and will come regularly. The Osmangazi Bridge may have been accelerated, but I think this airport speed is more than that, so I got up from Istanbul today and used my own plane with my friends. I'm very happy, and I enjoyed it. Exquisite airport, delicious weather ”he said.

“The place has developed the city if you have an airport“
Bursa's important that the initiatives of the aviation Referring Beating, "a beautiful city Bursa, one of Turkey's largest industrial city. I see the planes of BURULAŞ that I have the same type of plane. I land on land, they land on the sea and land. Thousands of thanks, whoever did it. Kim

Reminding that he was the first Turkish cosmonaut, Döven said, “We write 'The Future is in the Skies' on the mountains and stones. A world war or economic situation is definitely in the air. kazanit's warm. Because air means speed. I am the first Turkish cosmonaut in space, so I am the fastest person in the world. If there is an airport somewhere, that city is developed, developed, large, accessible…” and gave examples from foreign countries.

Pointing to the strength of Bursa's industry and economy, he said,, By opening the airport which was previously closed, you have revealed real diamonds. From the mayor, whoever contributed here, thank you. This is not the development of aviation, but the development of the city, the city will develop spontaneously after that. BURULAS solved this, certainly will be a great move after that. You will see here after BURULAŞ registered as the most I will be, kent he said, emphasizing that a city's aviation tourism has developed.

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